Newly diagnosed, struggling but hopeful

Hello everyone!

I’m a 23 F med student and I was diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive type) just yesterday! I’ve been doing lots of research since and was really excited to find this community. I’ve been really struggling in med school, currently repeating my 2nd year (and there’s a fair chance I won’t make it this year either), but I’m really hopeful that I’ll be able to turn a new corner now that I know what exactly is going on and that it’s not just down to personality flaws (the ‘Am I Lazy, Stupid, Messy, Flaky? ADHD’ video hit me pretty hard).

If anyone has any experience with ADHD in uni and getting support from your university I’d be really interesting in hearing about it!

Looking forward to getting to know you guys :blush:

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Unfortunately I don’t have experience getting help with ADHD at university. I wasn’t diagnosed until years after I completed my undergrad and master’s degrees.

I actually struggled a lot in undergrad and high school probably due to the undiagnosed ADHD. I ended up on academic probation and was almost kicked out of the school, but was eventually able to graduate. I had to learn lots of skills to compensate for my challenges then.

What I will say is that it’s important to be in touch with your academic advisor and any student support services on campus such as “Student Success” or “Services for Students with Disabilities.” It also helps if you’re actively in mental health care, as that’s a great sign to the university and the med school that you’re actively managing things.

You can probably find lots of tips within the forums or some of Jessica’s videos on good strategies to help with academics. You’re right, knowing is half the battle so now that you’re armed with the diagnosis you can focus in on what you can do to be more successful.

Good luck and welcome to the tribe!


Thank you!!

I’m glad you were able to graduate despite all the challenges you faced, that’s amazing!

I have an appointment with my student advisor next week and am currently considering CBT with the clinic that diagnosed me, so hopefully that will go well. I’m just impatient to wait a week right now hahah, so I’m curious about other people’s experiences!

I’ll definitely look for some of the videos about academics on the channel, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


I am currently in uni and have accomodations and to get started you need to contact the disabilities office on campus and ask what forms need to be filled out in order to receive them. Also if you have had an IEP or a 504 plan prior to attending college bring those to because to the disability office that is like a track record of these are accommodations that are constant over time. Also welcome to the tribe.

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Thank you! I’ve never heard of an IEP or a 504 plan so I’m assuming (sorry!) that those are American things? I do have an appointment with my student advisor next week, so hopefully things will become clearer then! If you feel like sharing, what kind of accommodations does your uni provide and what’s your experience with them? Do you find them helpful/wish they would provide different things?

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Welcome @itsnotamoon!. Unfortunately, I did not know about mine at university. I wish I had. My college experience was similar to yours without any resources. Fortunately, I am not high on the spectrum and was able to muddle through.

Looks to me like you’ve got the right first step, in talking to your advisor. They should be able to put you in touch with specific resources. Do stay plugged into the tribe. Sometimes you just need that sounding board, even if you just need a ear to vent to. Med school is hard enough. Don’t let it consume you. Remember you have to take care of yourself to be able to care for others.

Best wishes.

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Also if you need some more help check out this video from the HTADHD chanel
In terms of my accomdations i have extra time on test as well as testing in a seprate room. I also have accuess to professors notes as well as having a student note taker. My experience with accomodations at my uni has been pretty good and I have not had any trouble with getting them. The only thing is its up to me to advoacte for myself when I need these accomdoations. I do find them helpful and they allow me to reach my potental. I do only wish that my disability office would create a space/club for me to meet other students with disabilites who are on campus if they are comfortable with it because I want to meet other students who are like me in terms of having adhd amoung other disabilites and to sorta of create a support group that gets it in a sense. Also for me to get my testing accomodations I have to fill out a fourm before my test typically 3 days before for a normal test/ quiz but for finals it has to be a week before.