Newmarket meetup


Hi I am hoping to organize a peer to peer support meetup. There is only so much that can be done online and really think it would be beneficial to solidify the community presented within the forums. Let me know what you guys think



Newmarket where?



Well I am in Newmarket Ontario, Canada. I haven’t decided on a venue as of yet piecing that together based on the level of response I get. But I honestly think this should be done everywhere.



Oh the conversations we would never get to finish, the hands flying about while talking so quickly no one can understand you, the fidgeting…Lol. I can see it now.



Of course, and I think that’s exactly why it would help. I don’t know about a lot of people here but I know more then a few individuals who would benifit from having a more deep rooted connection with the community but are far too afraid of looking or sounding stupid.



Hey just as a heads up, I’m not gonna delete or moderate this… However try to understand that the How To ADHD brandname or having these forums being the central place to talk about the meetup isn’t the right thing to do.

I’d recommend doing a event and having it organized there.

You can tell people about it here, (make a link to a meetup in this thread or make a new thread.) But it’s not something that our brand name will directly associate to because the nature of our disorder is aimed at kids and we want to avoid liability & adding responsibility that our volunteers don’t have the capacity for.

We want to avoid this scenario:

“My kid met strangers on the internet from the How To ADHD forums meetup, and now we are going to ask you to shut down the forums/seek legal action.”

This is also the #1 reason why we don’t allow private messaging here on the forums, we just don’t have the capacity to administrate anything on that level and ADHD is commonly linked to children.

Thanks all.

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Oh drat, not the Newmarket I was hoping for. I don’t live very near anything in Ontario. I’m in New Orleans now. I did live in Toronto during much of the 1990s, though, so I am familiar with the Newmarket you’re referring to. On that line, I would suggest that the larger metro-area of T’O probably has more people available for a meet-up type event than would just little ol’ Newmarket. Toronto-wide meet-up ADHD event seems like a legit possibility to me! Good luck with it! If I ever visit my old stomping grounds up there or if New Orleans is ever on your tourist itinerary, maybe we can look each other up.



Appreciate your response and perhaps I could have been more cautious in regards to what the community is comprised of.

Definitely don’t want any negativity coming back to the forums or the how to ADHD brand name. I have definitely taken steps to create a meetuo through My intent through these posts was purely to gauge interest and perhaps ideas in terms of running/organization of said meet up. As it is, the idea is pretty unstructured but definitely respect your decision.



No worries, there are just things we had to consider and while Jessica fully supports these forums to help out everyone, we wanna make sure our reach is fair but safe for everyone involved. Your intentions are good, don’t worry about it!



Unless this was something brought up by a lawyer as a legal concern I… don’t think that’s actually valid/viable. There are basic laws that say that children must have parental consent to participate in online forums such as these [COPPA comes to mind] and I’m also pretty sure that the law that covers liability of sites that host user generated content still make it clear that there is no reasonable expectation that private messages are monitored by site admins.

Not a lawyer, so if an actual lawyer has councled you to take those precautions, follow that advice, but honestly… Just because something is associated with children does not mean that anything hosting content with that subject is for children unless stated as such. (See: anything involving Bronies…)

…also unless there is a crime that was committed, someone really can’t take legal action against a site just because their kid was on it…



True, but there’s more than JUST the law to consider. Public impression and image is also a huge consideration. YouTube doesn’t HAVE to ‘mind children’ but they do because of the public backlash and outrage that would follow if they didn’t, and what happens when they haven’t been enough on-the-ball.



Thanks but this is the policy we laid out. We don’t have an official lawyer to sign this off for us that we will be fine and we don’t have the time to investigate it. We are just volunteering



Absolutely, I definitely think it is in your right to protect both yourself and the community that has been established. I will say it was never my intent for the How to ADHD team to help facilitate this endeavor in any way. What should have been more clear from the start was this was this was for adults purely for the reason you described. I too do not want nor have the capability of navigating the emotional/legal minefield that is supporting children. So I do wish to distance myself from that notion and I again apologize that that was not clear in my original message.



Not saying change policy. Just be aware that you do have legal protections and you likely are being hyper vigilant with things that you don’t need to be.

I could say far more on this topic as I have worked in schools and do have more than passing familiarity with child protection laws and rules, but will bow out at this point. I will just suggest that someone do do some research on this topic if things like this are influencing policy.