No Adderall?

I live in Florida in the US, I was just prescribed Adderall but now I can’t find a pharmacy with the 10mg dose in and no idea when they will get it in. Is this common? Should I be worried that if it works I am never going to be able to get ahold of it?

Very frustrating.

Is this specifically for the brand name Adderall, or is the generic not available either?

If the 5mg is available, you could talk to you doctor about the unavailability of the 10mg, and can you be prescribed to take 2x 5mg daily this time.

I recently (last 2 weeks) saw a post on the CHADD discussion board about Adderall not being available in Florida. I haven’t seen any posts about shortages in other states.

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It seems to be all doses where I am… probably because smarter people than I already thought about getting other doses and just take them differently lol

I did a web search and learned that there is an Adderall shortage (and the generic, listed as “amphetamine mixed salts”), as well as over 100 other medications. The news reported it in November 2021. I found one report from October 2021 of “supply chain issues” that were causing a shortage in prescription manufacturing. Other reports indicate that a few drug manufacturers have discontinued making Adderall & generic amphetamine mixed salts.

It seems that this shortage is affecting the US and Canada. (I saw no indication if supply is affected elsewhere in the world.)

Just my luck. The time I start looking for help they start taking it away. Sometimes, the solutions they seem to find for people abusing any kind of drugs just means everyone who tries to play by the rules gets to suffer. The people committing the abuse have no issue just finding some other unsavory way to do what they want. Whilst I sit here on my hands with no solution.

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There are other medications in the “amphetamine family”.

I found many listed at the following site:

Did your doctor prescribe the instant release (IR) or extended release (XR)? I know that I saw the IR listed in the shortage listing, but I don’t recall seeing the XR version there.

Besides Adderall IR or XR, there are related medications, like Vyvanse and Mydayis. Your doctor should be able to find an alternative that does not have a shortage. You can try asking your pharmacist what medications they recommend you ask your doctor to consider.

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Good idea. Thank you! I will ask my doctor about the options. :grin: