No meds after one week.....


Feeling overwhelmed and forgetful. My son got a D in history he is 12. I feel like I’ve failed as a parent his workbooks are real messy pretty unbelievable. He is also overweight so I got him exercising everyday my daughter is a tornado she is 5.
And me well no job no certificate and crappy people skills easily bored and find it hard to stay still lol. Brain feels like it’s crashing lately. Stopped the meds because I started seeing things move that weren’t moving… agitated angry dexis aren’t for me doc wanted to try me on a non stimulant as I get angry on Ritalin too and anxiety. I told him if I study Ritalin was better until it wore off I had the come down. So I’ll just try no meds for a while and see if things get better. Might be the stress I’m under lately hard when your kids always in trouble.
Emma :slight_smile:


I hope it improves for you. Keep on keepin’ on, Mama.


(sorry, i wrote this a month ago but didn’t press send, apparently :frowning:)

Might I ask how carefully your doctor worked out the right dose? The anger and irritability with dexamphetamine in my case was mostly when the dose had got too high.

How are things now?