Noise cancelling Headphones

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, that shut out voices,

Thanks, Lee

Noise canceling headphones are not super great at blocking out non repetitive sound. They are brilliant at cabin noise in a car or aeroplane but unique sounds like a clap or voice they can struggle a little. But good units still make a big difference. The class leader in active noise canceling is Bose. I have the first generation quite comfort 20 and they are fantastic I have friends that use the latest generation over ear Bose units in our office to drown out chatter and quite often you will need to tap them on the shoulder to get their attention so they must be fairly effective. I personally haven’t tried the new ones so no first hand experience. I have tried a couple of the less expensive brands and none of them compare to the Bose.

One other feature that is worth keeping in mind is that some of them will not play and sound when the batteries are flat. My older Bose are like this but I think the newer Bose ones will still work with a flat battery.

I love my noise canceling headphones and when they finally die I will replace them with another set of Bose. The current ones are about 5 years old I think.

I have the Bose Quite Comfort 35 for a few years now and I still love them. As @AMAK already said, they are quite expensive. Nevertheless, in my opinion they are worth it. They feel nice on your head (I wear them whole days), and most importantly, they cancel out a lot of noise. To be clear, they are best at removing background, consistent noises. This is both with and without music or videos playing. For people talking, it doesn’t totally cancel out it, but when playing something, it becomes (somewhat) not understandable what people are saying. However, it works better if there are more people speaking (not too loudly) at the same time, and less so when there is just one person speaking in an otherwise quite room.

I believe that when the battery is flat, you could still use them using a cable - as opposed to them being cordless (bluetooth) headphones. However, I believe that the noise cancelling doesn’t work anymore when the battery is flat.

If anything isn’t clear or you (or anyone else) has more questions, just ask!

Picked up the Sennheiser HD 4.5 BTNC for $199 cdn and they do good job reducing / muffling sound, not as good as the Bose QC 35 2 however, for the price difference worth it!