Non-medical treatments ?

Hello everyone hope you are well,
So I live in a backwards country where no good medical service is available (and certainly no ADHD specialists, believe me I have tried but it only added to my frustration).
I currently only exercise and take tricyclic antidepressants for my ADHD. I am a little better but I struggle severely still with hyperactivity and slow comprehension (max reading is 80 wpm vs the normal 250 wpm).
So my question is apart from exercise and medication and counseling (unavailable) what else would you recommend ?
Thanks a bunch and have a fantastic day :slight_smile:


Welcome SlowandConfused .

CBT, Mindfulness, by yourself or in groups might help your ADHD.

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Being mindful really helps.
Totally agree.
Thanks for the very valuable feedback :+1: :slight_smile: