“Normal” for a price...



This is a rant. I’m pissed beyond rational thought right now and I just want to scream about it to someone who will understand.

I just got back from the pharmacy. I was supposed to be picking up Concerta. I have been on Adderall XR 10mg for awhile now and have not reacted well to increasing the dose. The last time we tried to change meds the new one cost $300 for a 30-day supply and that is with insurance.

So now I find out that my new meds are stuck in Prior-Authorization even though my insurance knows I have been diagnosed with ADHD! I have run out of Adderall about a week ago and I am a mess. This whole process was begun almost a month ago with my doctor following the insurance’s demands to the letter. And yet tonight I went to the pharmacy to find the prescription I was called to pick up was Lithium, not Concerta which is STILL locked in Prior-Auth.

I have no way to know when this block will be lifted and no way to tell what I will end up paying for this new drug once it is released. I am completely at the mercy of my useless insurance company.

If ADHD is one of the best understood mental disabilities, why are the meds so ungodly expensive when compared to other ones, like my meds for depression and anxiety which only cost $20 together?

Why does it cost so much just to be “normal”? For such a simple request why does it cost so much for a freaking stimulant!?!?

I’m sick of the ADHD tax. I just want to function like a freaking adult! Why is that so unreasonable?

\end rant


I hear you :heart:

Hope the immediate situation is resolved soon.


Sorry to hear your insurance company is so rubbish! Hope it gets sorted quickly so you don’t have to be in ADHD limbo for much longer :confused:


Simple answer: Shitty US politics and healthcare, and lots of pharma money ensuring government isn’t allowed to negotiate drug prices.

Long answer: Politicians have no clue what they’re doing on this. They don’t understand that this is vital to the people using it, just like how in the UK, tampons and sanitaries are taxed as a ‘luxury item’, rather than as a necessity for their users! And because it’s so remote to so many of them, since THEY’RE not using it, nothing gets done about it until they experience it themselves, or their close familiy. Then they care, and can’t be easily bought anymore. But even then, the healthcare system itself is garbage and dysfunctional in the extreme. Things that work perfectly for all patients and consumers literally everywhere else is discarded as ‘can’t work here…!’ because of bullshit American exceptionalism, combined with a willingness to screw people over for profit. I’m with you man… I’m stuck in a place where my regular medication is illegal, and I have to go to a clinic on Monday and try to convince a doctor (in a foreign language) to get me a prescription for something alternative, and I’ll soon run out of what I brought (only one month’s supply allowed), so I feel your pain, man…

Hopefully the shitty insurance company will get their fingers out and deal with this soon! Try calling them and asking, if you can…