Norwegian with add trying to learn new tricks

I’m a 43 year old Norwegian.
And I have the inattentive, non-hyperactive form of adhd.
And I’m also sporting huge viking beard :slight_smile:

I’ve been diagnosed for about 10 years now and I gotta say I’ve made more outta life the last ten years on meds than those other 33 years of my life.

Career wise I’m really happy.
Even my disc golf career is really good!

Sadly the rest of my life is in shambles.
Although few ppl know this and it’s almost impossible to notice.
I put up a pretty convincing fasade.

So I’m here to see if learning a few things about others facing the same problems as me can help.
I desperately need ways to figure out some key skills for dealing with:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Communicating my emotions
  • Continuing on task once started
  • Getting started
  • General self esteem stuff
  • Knowing whats adhd-traits and whats just me beeing me

I also have stuff about me that I really like and am proud of, and I might share those things too sometime.

Thanks for beeing here and writing stuff for me to read!


Thanks for posting! :slight_smile: You should share the things you’re proud of!

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@Odne Being really happy with your career is great. So many people (“Brains” and otherwise) don’t have that. I relate to your problems / skill deficits. Forgetfulness is my number one problem, not that I don’t struggle with a whole lot more. I know from my own experience that my self-confidence and self-esteem do not match my abilities. I tend to be negative about myself. Always seen the glass as half empty.

There are no easy answers. Actually, “no easy answers“ was the name of a book written over 40 years ago about ADHD and learning disabilities (Although in those days they used a more pejorative term for ADHD). There is no single answer. Things that I have found helpful include: Aerobic exercise; meditation; this group (wish I just joined). Pushing myself to do things rather than think about doing things. Being honest with my wife about my feelings but trying very hard to not be angry or have a hard edge to my voice.

In any event, why wait to share your positive side? Why not flip the coin and also share the positive here and now? I can appreciate your struggle and admire your courage. Keep it coming!

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