"Not a mental disorder" & " ADHD is not a thing"?


Why do people say this? I just don’t get it? because some kid in my class said this to me and made me so so so so angry and mad!!! And please no cursing please and thank you!!!


Nice of you to throw that last line onto your post or you’d have been getting a hell of a lot of swearing from me about those people, their parentage being part beast of burden, and a host of other things.

But their views come out of ignorance and an inability to understand what another person’s experience is really like. They don’t ‘get’ it, and so don’t believe it’s real. They’re wrong, of course, but I know that doesn’t make it feel any less bad on your part. But know that they’re uneducated and ignorant, and most importantly wrong. Maybe their parents raised them badly, amd in such a way because the parents don’t believe in science, medicine, and reality either…?


Thank you I just joined today and it makes me so happy to actually know someone with ADHD like me!!!


Hehe, there are plenty of us, somewhere around 5-10% of the population, although the degree varies from almost nothing to very severe.:sweat_smile:

But yeah, saying it’s not real is pure bovine excrement.:wink: It just means they’re ignorant and don’t understand the science. It would be interesting to ask them why they think.it doesn’t exist, although if they bully you or something, don’t do anything risky.:disappointed_relieved:


I do curse alot when frustrated f@@@@@@### thats better


@KateADHD Unfortunately its still not well educated and theres alot of ignorance espicially in the UK where i live and it really annoys me


Welcome to the tribe Kate :grin:


Thanks that makes me so happy to here that and by the way why I said no cursing please is because I am 12 almost 13.


For sure!!!


Haha, no worries. Thanks for the head’s up, so we know to keep it PG for now.:smile::wink:


Yep :grin:


Your from JAPAN!!! SO COOL!!!


Hehe, originally from Scandinavia, but currently living in Japan. Have been living in Japan on and off for a total of about 5-6 years, including the last 3.5.:sweat_smile:


SO COOL!!! :open_mouth:


HANGING UPSIDE DOWN :upside_down_face:




Try not to think badly of people who don’t understand ADHD there are many things in this world that I don’t understand, unless you have experience of something at a personal or professional level or within education then it’s unlikely you would have a good understanding of it.

When I come across people who don’t believe ADHD is real, I don’t get upset or mad I just explain that there is a physical difference which effects how the brain functions, which can be seen in brain scans, also that they have discovered differences in DNA as well.

There will always be a few people that are stuck in there beliefs, but that is there issue not yours. :slight_smile:


Hi Kate, are you bored? Ok…you know what?
Thats the only thing I have NEVER experienced ever… my mind orchestrates anything inside and keeps me entertained. Hmm… all the time hence I can still remember years ago as a child… being called a talker…or that I was laughed at for spacing out just mean things that i can still recall and was hurt by words and still to this day i remember and still hurt my feelings today…
So. How did you get diagnosed I mean by what age?