not having a focused mind

I had to teach myself to have a focused mind, to make decisions and show mental empathy.

If I had been told, to have a focused mind, I would done a much better undergraduate degree, maybe done a Phd.

Nobody told me, making decisions, thinking, showing empathy, requires a strong empathy.

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Hi, what is mental empathy? I know what empathy means but never heard of it used in this way.

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There are 4 forms of empathy, I believe.

  1. giving facial expressions

  2. showing compassionate empathy

  3. relates to 2) sharing and experiencing that emotion

4)mental empathy- the feeling, emotion and reaction when you act


Ok thanks, that makes sense, I thought it was when you have empathy with your own brain, which I sometimes do :joy:

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Hi, thank you for sharing. I agree that you need to “focus” even if you can’t and that way you become better. I just want to point out that for some, mental empathy, resp. high emotional sensitivity in general, can be a huge problem on its own and it is not always right that increased empathy helps anybody, it can lead to withdrawal and all sorts of other problems. It is important to recognise what’s a healthy emotion and what is not.

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