Not sure if I should just drop this class or ask for accommodation... do I have any argument here?



So I have 40% of my grade due on Friday for a research project. It’s really only supposed to be 2 pages but there are a few specific questions I need to do background research for to get to a concise answer of about 300words per Q. This is a 400 level uni course so it’s expected that I know how to start this.
I started all wrong… stop/start with getting distracted for the las 3 weeks whenever I sit down I get distracted &get frustrated & cope with more side tasking & spiral & time goes by & I fail over & over to get anything on paper. I finally buckled down only yesterday after a break down on Sunday night where I almost just dropped the class & wasted my time money (again) & extra embarrassment. Then I msged a few of my classmates and got a lil comfort knowing it wasn’t only me struggling. I went to work Monday & was nervous the whole time cause I needed to be doing my assignment but I have a lot of responsibilities at my job (internship). Then decided to call in on Tuesday sick. Yes I feel bad but didn’t see any other option besides failure at that point - maybe deserved. Anyway, I drank a bunch of coffee and was rly able to get in the zone but today I realized I didn’t get ANYTHING on paper for my actual assignment!!! I read all the lectures & made good notes cause before that I felt totally lost but I guess I still am, so messed up my delicate organization for my job today so wasn’t even worth it…

Options please:
now I can either pull an all nighter tomorrow (Thurs) and get a shitty grade even though I know this stuff. OR try to ask my prof to give me an extension - but here’s the catch: he all ready gave the class 2 extra weeks (other ppl emailed him before) & said he wouldn’t give any more to the class. Also did I mention I dropped this literal class last year, too & was confident that I could pull it off now? Yeah I STILL procrastinated for the whole time I can’t even believe it myself. I feel awful & yea I guess I deserve it…
Any ideas?

I am currently waiting to even get fully diagnosed & on the accessibility services list temporarily at school since summer… Usually at this point I would just scrap everything and DROP the class but I’m now trying not to be a whole failure. It’s a HUGE MESS.

If you look at it simplistically it might just be I procrastinated & now looking for a way out but y’all I literally had every intention of doing this work &&&& just nothing… do I even have an excuse here or just catastrophising for my own benefit… Everyone around me is just like you didn’t do it for 3 weeks so what’d you expect & just pull an all nighter & accept the grade you get like everyone else. I’m just too tired of failure idk if any other way is worth it. But I really like what I study, I just have nothing to show for it.

thnx for any feedback even if bad I guess it’s like prep for what other ppl around me would say if I told them more…


I do not think the day reading stuff was wasted. Sometimes (always) you have to chew thorough text several times. Both reading and writing. very frustrating. Feeling stupid and slow, wishing the responsibility, or preferably yourself, would disappear. Then after some superhuman effort you are through. At least in my experience. It is hell, but somehow I manage. No matter if you finished your report this night or not, try to stay as calm as possible and do not give up. Espescially not on you self.


And just knowing that other Brains understand your trouble might cheer you up a bit, that is my recent experience :blush:. Thanks.


Man, didn’t see this before now… Personally, I’d talk to the teacher about it, since you’re currently in the process of getting your diagnosis sorted out, and you’re genuinely upset and sorry for the whole thing. If your professor says no, then I guess I’d prefer to push through it, and maybe your grades won’t be as bad as you think, since you’ve spent a lot of time on research, so that should help you write a decent paper.:blush:

Let us know how it goes. And don’t beat yourself up too much, most Brains have these things happen, we can all relate to the ‘excessive procrasrination’, remember our executive functions suck…:sweat_smile:


Thanks! I read this just didn’t get the chance to reply. I did ask for an extension but feel like I lost a lil bit of dignity… I’ll be able to get something turned in now so I’m thankful


Thanks! I read this too just didn’t get the chance to reply.
Thanks for the support it did help me :slight_smile:


Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Thnx I appreciate it


Hope things work out for you, and check out other parts of the forum for study tips!:blush::+1: