Not yet diagnosed, but….

Hi all, I am a 49yo woman, and have likely been at least a bit ADHD, inattentive, most of my life, but 90% of the time I can make it work for me. So not really disordered as such.
My 78yo father has very, very similar traits, but he also has suffered from lifelong depression.
I’m not remotely depressed, just sick of myself and my inability to get out of my own way right now.
My dad and I have both had/have successful careers. We are both very happy when making stuff (currently sporrans for our pipe band), or learning new skills or techniques. Then we get bored and move on😝.
I have issues when undertaking more than 90m of physical instruction (martial arts/dance), though in my younger years I could do gymnastics classes for hours, because each moment of instructions was very short.
Just now I am having a bit of trouble getting back on task. I had to take a week out from society to isolate from Covid. Ugh, it has fried my brain! I have lost a tool I need for sporran making 4 times this morning alone. I am having enormous difficulty starting anything. I am just so sick of myself and my issues!
I need to reset, but not sure how exactly……


Ah, “sporran” . . . so this is what a sporran looks like:

Well you have started already! You are here!

Welcome, be easy on yourself, and let’s see what will change for the better . . .



This is what we are making…… All custom, from the “cantle” or pewter bit down….
I am at a standstill though, with the simplest of tasks, applying snaps. Sigh.
More sleep I think, and a good blast of the pipes this evening may help reset my silly brain.

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:+1: BEAUTIFUL . . .



I have a wee request. I’m not remotely Scottish although we do have a border collie and my wife is good with money (:

I do have a bucket list that may include an item along the lines of getting a kilt (summer weight because where I live in Australia well it’s not that cold, ever our worst winters day) any suggestions welcome as to a good supplier (cheap and cheery) welcome. I’ll also just put this here to remind myself that there is a sporran maker I might know, to complete the outfit.

Good luck finding your tools I only have a few items that always seem to be where I left them … otherwise the hunt, the joy of the hunt.

Once again welcome and nice work!


The best ?only place for kilts in Aus right now is St Kilda Retail. Ipswich, QLD. We are getting ours made there now, because our local kiltmaker unfortunately passed away earlier this year.
To economise, you could go lightweight tartan, 13oz, and a less than full length kilt. I made myself one out of 13oz tartan, 4yards. And box pleated. I’ve worn it a few times for non band thingys. :blush:

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That is awesome!

Now; to choose just one tartan pattern from the multitudes of clans, activity and time period.
Maybe leave that for another day hey?

Do you supply their sporrans as well?

thanks so much.

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Sorry, no, I don’t manage anything like commercial quantities. I have a day job (doctor) that is very much not manufacturing, although I think being an artisan would be awesome….
I adore designing and making stuff. Prototypes mostly, because ADHD reasons….:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I have a psychiatrist with ADHD; an orthopedist who, though not diagnosed . . . is quite sure; and I was once “put under” by an anesthesiologist, who within 5 minutes of a pre-procedure interview . . . I said to him: “I have ADHD and am usually pretty good at recognizing it in others . . . Do you?” His reply: “Yes, though not officially diagnosed!”.

So, I’m curious . . . What type of doctor are you? What strengths do you have, that you attribute to ADHD?



I am a retrieval doc, mostly, although my qualifications are in general practice. I am actually looking to start up a rather specialised general practice myself in the next 2-3 months, because I have the suspicion my current job might disappear (new management who think we are all too expensive and too experienced to listen to their directions). I have been doing my current retrieval job for nearly 15 years. It is a good fit, mostly, because I have limited time with patients, and can really (hyper) focus on doing my absolutely best for them in a limited time frame. Then I am done. I rarely follow up, because I don’t need to, I have done my bit to the best of my ability.
My general practice will focus on the technical aspects of diabetes care, because that is really, really missing. I have a group of clinicians with type 1 diabetes ready to join me and try and make a day to day difference in people’s lives.
But there are so many aspects to consider - leasing office space, business model, how to actually use Medicare (I never have, my current work is funded very differently). I need to follow some tips on this forum and some of the videos about breaking things down into different parts, like real estate, name of the practice and computer stuff, contractors or employees, etc etc……
Meantime I need to make my mother a linen nightie for Christmas, and my father a better fitting motorcycle seat, and finish another 5 sporrans.
Too many projects!!!:exploding_head:


Welcome @Ali_M to the forum !

Here is a screener , ADHD Test Online | Clinical Partners !

Covid has made life harder !

Some people with ADHD have anxiety and / or depression etc .

Depression, anxiety are common comorbidities of ADHD !

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Until I did some research, I had no clue what a “retrieval doc” was or did. I read some anecdotal recollections of specific incidents where retrieval doctors were lowered by helicopters into a rainforest, the base of waterfall, etc, to rescue somebody and treat them on an emergency basis.
My :billed_cap: is off to you!!

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Thanks, I have always scored pretty high on all tests of that nature, inattention being the strongest factor! I haven’t bothered with formal diagnosis (yet) as mostly I can make it work for me. I plan multiple projects at a time, so I always have something to do. When I don’t have a specific task, I wander around like a lost soul, as does my dear father.
I think over the years I have subconsciously adopted coping strategies. It has become a lot easier as I got older as I have more space and resources available to me.
I think I need more work on training my brain to cope with longer periods of instruction at ballet, as I will be doing 2 x 2hr long classes this year, plus one stand alone 1 hour class. Physically I am mostly all good, mentally I am fried at the 90m mark……


Aww, thanks, I generally refuse to do helicopter stuff if I possibly can, and although I would likely really enjoy being winched down and up, I have never done it, and likely never will. My area of work is too large and remote for most helos, we use fixed wing aircraft almost 100% of the time, and the back of utes (pickups/bakkies) to transport ourselves, our equipment and our patients. I have had to climb inside car wrecks and a small aeroplane once. Lucky I am relatively small! We do sometimes take tiny mustering helos to the scene of an accident if it is fairly remote from our airstrip, but usually they are too small for any patient transport. Our assigned rescue helo is usually offline for maintenance or training exactly when we might be needing it!