Novaris stop produicing RItaline LP 40mp en france


Bonjour aux francophones et a ceux qui vivent sur lce territoire
Hi to french people and other who are living on this territory

Does someone is aware that Novaris is out of stock for the Ritaline LP 40mg until september ?

Est ce que quelq’un est au courant que Novaris n’as plus de stock de Ritaline LP 40mg jusqu’a spetembre

Mon service hospitalier m’a prevenue (c’est meme la pharmacie pas l’hopital au dernier moment,
ds mon cas c problematique car il ny a pas d’autre neurologues specialisé sur le TDHD

My hospital service didn’t even know (my pharmaciste tall me at the last minute)
in my case is problematique cause there is only one neuroloque who know her buisness with ADHD medication (and she not there until spetember

est ce vous etiez au courant, vous a t’on proposer une alternative ?

did you were aware, did the hospital discussed wiz u some alternative ?

merci si vous avez des infos
thanks if u have nay infos




Wow that sucks. Withdrawal from stimulants is not pleasant. I guess neurologue is like our psychiatrists. In the states you can only get those meds from them. I’ll pray for ya.