Now and childhood


I was diagnosed yesterday with ADHD and I asked my Dr if I was showing more signs to add or adhd and he said as a child I was more ADD and as a adult I’m more ADHD I asked if it was normal and he said yes it’s really common but I wanted to know if anyone else had this too :confused:


I don’t know if it’s common to get more hyperactive/impulsivde as we get older, but if that’s what you’ve experienced then it is totally normal.

We all have slightly (or very) different versions of normal, but the point is, this is how you are, and it doesn’t make you weird or broken.

And even if hardly anyone else has this particular thing, you will find a lot of the stuff you felt weird for up to now is soooooo normal for this, our, tribe.

welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My hyperactivity is more hidden like chewing my gums my nails fidgeting and if seated tapping my leg and playing with my hands I’ve never been one to be over hyperactive I can’t stay seated for hours but I’m always moving my legs or my other hyperactive signs

I started Ritalin today and didn’t chew my gums all day until the medication wore off around 4:30 pm but was extremely tired after and was falling asleep at 6 pm, should I discuss this with my Dr I work until 8 pm at night and worried I’ll be so tired I shouldn’t be driving home?


Talk to your doc, yes :slight_smile:

My stimulants came with a lable.that I shouldn’t drive within three days of changing the dose, or while.experiencing side.effects.

Side effects do subside, don’t panic!

PS sorry about the full stops!


All good haha mine didmt say anything about not driving only if I’m experiencing dizziness but other than that my first day has been amazing I made a list the night before and did everything except 3 chores but said to myself I’ll do them tomorrow hahaha


My impression is that it’s normal to quietly manage to get by as a kids. As children “showing signs” is often how much trouble you make for the adults around you and not how much you are affected or struggle …

Maybe take the medication a few hours later so the tired comes at a more suitable time?


Sometimes one experiences drawback effects with the methylphenidate (Ritalin) when it wears off. I experienced being on edge and cranky, feeling a bit too tense, aggressive-like. A sip of alcohol combined with methylphenidate also had this effect on me when I forgot I took the medicine.
I do not experience that anymore, side effects tend to wear off. I also changed to a type of methylphenidate that works longer.
Some kids here get the long working type so they can go to school and take a short working type after school to tie them over for homework.