Object permanence?

While researching ADHD I came across the concept of object permanence difficulties. It was explained to me like this

when someone with ADHD puts an object in the cabinet, they immediately forget it ever existed. Vegetables frequently rot in the fridge, they end up buying eleven jars of pasta sauce because they can’t remember if they have any, if a friend doesn’t talk to them for long enough that their contact slips down off the recent messages screen they totally forget they can still talk to them, they feel alone and friendless if they haven’t had human contact yet that day.

This is all me to a T, and I was wondering if this is really an ADHD thing or just a normal thing that happens to everyone?


I don’t forget that it ever existed . . . But I often forget where it is . . .
Either way, this phenomenon is definitely an ADHD “thing” . . . But . . . not exclusively!

I think this can happen with Dementia . . . Concussion . . . Anxiety . . . Panic . . . High fever . . . Trauma . . .

So while we are special (:sunglasses:) . . . We are not unique!!


It happens to me all the time like where did I put my phone when its in my pocket or under something


All of those are so totally me. It works with information, too. I’ll write down an appointment and forget all about it, including the fact that I should look into my calendar.

If I can’t include the object/information /person in some kind of flow, it’ll be months before I think about them. It won’t even feel like a problem on my end: It’ll feel like it’s only been days, but not all of my off-radar friends would agree.

That’s why habit-shaping and some sort of reminder culture are so important.


I deal with that all the time. i have even lost friends who think i am purposely ignoring them. Its very hard to explain that i don’t mean to forget and ignore you… its tough and i completely understand.