Obsessive thoughts


I’ve been having a good week, but tonight I did something impulsive that made me feel stupid in front of a lot of people.

I can see where my mind is going with this and I don’t want it to throw me into another depression. I’m using CBT and I talked to a friend about it earlier.

I keep obsessing about it but I’m sure it will lessen as time passes and as I continue to work through it. Writing helps me process things, so I appreciate the opportunity I have to share stuff on this forum. Thanks to everyone here for your support! :grinning:


I know exactly how that feels, why is it that something we’d rather forget, we obscess about and things we want to remember we forget, I always try an find a way of laughing at my mistakes and remind myself that often they’re not as important as they feel, but I know that’s not always easy to do.