OCD and anxiety


I think I might have OCD because EVERYTHING I do has to relate in some way to the number 4 but I am not tidy or clean for example my room is a big mess but some things have to be in color order and I HATE ODD NUMBERS SO MUCH!!!


Ive got anxiety and depression as a secondary to adhd.
But i can say i can be ocd aswell its a bit mad is the word.


Its so cool to see that you’re from the UK!!!


Since I was a kid, I had a focus of sorts on the number 4 as well. 4 steps, 4 times doing something.

Now a lot of it is just habit, and I don’t have the compulsion anymore, although sometimes I still feel it a little bit. I guess it reduced during my mid-20’s or so. So it might pass, might not even be OCD, but just an ADHD compulsion that goes away eventually.:sweat_smile:


Hiya Kate, are you in the UK aswell? If so me and fellow uk brains are building a brief for a meeting i have with an Member of Parliment on the 15/03.
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OCD isn’t about being clean and tidy. That’s more neurotic.

OCD is two things, the obsession (thoughts you can’t control, usually about something catastrophic happening) and the compulsion (doing this thing will prevent the catastrophic thing from happening). But it could be about anything. We tend to see people who are OCD about germs or keeping things a certain way, but it doesn’t have to be. Hoarding can be a symptom of OCD, for example.

You can also have one without the other. So you may need everything to be able the number 4, but you don’t have an obsessive thought that drives it. But you’re still compelled to do it. If it starts to have a negative impact on your life (school, relationships, etc.) and you can’t fix it on your own, then it’s time to seek help. If it doesn’t have a negative impact, then just go with it. :wink:


I count things. Even things I don’t need to count. I think focusing on those things might help us regulate our attention? Like fidgeting just in our minds. We focus on arbitrary things that don’t matter because we have so much attention to go around.


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Also, hoarding and perfectionism and keeping your books in alphabetical order and your plastic bowls in rainbow order can be OCPD rather than OCD. I should know :wink:

My OCPD diagnosis freaked me out bigtime, but 9 months on I am really glad my therapist diagnosed this because I am learning to behave differently in so many ways.


What is OCPD???




And I am not neat at ALL!!!


Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, despite having a very similar name, is a completely different thing from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

One of the big differences is that most people with OCD know they have it and wish they didn’t. Whereas OCPD’ers tend to justify their symptoms and deny that these are not good.

Wikipedia entry on ocpd (and difference between ocpd and OCD


Yup the Opposite is also true, you can have obsessive thought but no compulsions to it. At least physically. Just because one doesn’t have a compulsion physically doesn’t mean one doesn’t want to or doesn’t reject the obsessive thought compulsively.