Officially part of the Tribe!

So guess who finally got diagnosed the other day?! That’s right! Me! ;D

I know I’ve been MIA from the forum for the past couple of months. I went back to Finland for the summer to work on the boats and catch up with the family and some friends, so been quite a busy couple of months!

But I’m back in Scotland now, and as soon as I got back I got in contact with the clinic I’d been referred to a year ago to see how long the waiting list was still. They told me I was next in line to be seen and probably would go until October before I was seen, but two weeks later they phoned me saying they have a cancellation spot available the next day and I jumped at it!

So as of two days ago, I am now officially diagnosed with ADHD Combined type ^^

I’m not sure if it’s entirely sunk in yet, or if I’ve just processed the possibility of me having it for so long already that I’m just totally over it, but I don’t feel very different at all! Mainly just happy to have the confirmation now that I’m not entirely crazy and my suspicions were right haha.

In any case, I had to get my heart checked out (A simple ECG) as a precaution before they prescribe me anything, so had that done yesterday, and all is AOK for me to try out meds now! So I just got my first prescription for Concerta XL 18mg. Gonna try 18mg once a day for a week, and then double the dose the following week, and take it from there. Since it’s already the afternoon now, I’ll wait until tomorrow to take my first pill. Having mixed feelings of excitement and a little nervousness!
Fingers crossed it goes well :slight_smile:

Anyway, just wanted to update anyone who has been following my “journey” for the past year!

All the best ^^


Welcome officially to the tribe @Emilia!


Yay, great news!! :blush: Happy for you!

Well done!
Combined here too, not got meds yet in the process of booking appointment.
Hope the meds go well!
please keep updated once on them?

Hey Enzo, sorry for the slow reply! I don’t come on the forum as much as I used to, trying to cut out that procrastination :wink: and life is pretty busy at the moment. But didn’t want to just leave you hanging!

I’ve been on the meds for a week and a half now, first week minimum dosage - not sure I noticed any difference, few days on double that dosage now, and definitely feel a bit more alert now. I’m still somewhat distractible and not 100% focussed, but it’s a bit better! Feel a bit more driven/energetic I guess you could say. Like I’ve just had a really big coffee and need to get moving!
Perhaps the biggest difference I’ve noticed though is drymouth! :joy: no amount of drinking seems to quench my thirst or make my mouth less dry. So that’s a bit annoying, but maybe that’ll pass, or I’ll just have to start eating mints/chew gum all the time again :joy:

Actually, having just taken my pills an hour ago, I can feel them kinda starting to kick in now. It’s a bit hard to describe how they make me feel different. It’s very subtle. But I do feel slightly more concentrated, kind of hyperfocussed right now actually haha. Wanted to have a sip of juice now for like 10 minutes but still keep writing this… (my glass is right next to me…) wanna get these thoughts out on paper now that I can… haha :joy:

I do also feel that I’m at my most alert anhour after taking my meds, and maybe two to three hours from there, and then it kinda gradually fades again, and evening time I feel pretty pooped.
Can’t say if it’s the meds making me tired or if that’s just me getting tired in general in the evenings, I’m just hyper observant about how I feel for the time being. So stuff I haven’t really paid attention to before, I am now, to note how the drugs do or don’t make me feel.

I do feel like my sleep has been a little different since the meds too. I’ve usually been bad for going to bed on time, but whenever I so, I usually fall asleep almost immediately, and sleep like s rock. But now I feel it has sometimes been a little harder to fall asleep, and my sleep hasn’t been quite as deep. I woke up one night at 3:30 in the morning to a moth flapping against my window very loudly… extremely annoying and I had to get up to catch it and chuck it out.
But stuff like that wouldn’t have woke me up before… make it impossible to fall asleep, sure. But not wake me up from a deep slumber… :joy:

Need to turn my focus to something more productive now though… CV and job application awaits… :sob::gun: okay I can do this… if not now, when…? :dizzy_face:

Will try to keep anyone interested here up to date with how my experience with meds continue :slight_smile:
I know when I was undiagnosed looking for info, I would have loved to hear more experiences of ”older” people trying meds for the first time too.

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I was on Concerta XL 18mg for the first week and didn’t feel any significant difference, but then upped the dose to 36mg, and started feeling some positive effects… and negative…
I was on 36mg for two weeks until my doctor decided to take me off meds because of the side effects I was having. I was heartbroken.

As soon as I went off the meds I felt my mental health spiraling. Started feeling depressed, uninspired, lethargic, distracted, unfocused. Basically all of my symptoms came back, but with a vengeance.
It’s only once I got off the meds that I realised just how much they had actually been helping me!
For once I had been able to feel motivated enough to do important things in my life. But now doing even the unimportant or ”fun” things were a challenge for me.

I was off the meds for a week to see if the side effects would pass, and they did…

Basically my side effects were increased heart rate one afternoon, maybe for an hour or so, didn’t time myself, but long enough to worry my doctors. And the following week I started feeling quite short of breath quite often. Even when I was doing nothing. One day I was sitting on my sofa all day, studying for a new history tour I’m doing, and I felt short of breath and somewhat lightheaded all day. Having to gasp for air every now and then to not feel as if my brain was going to get oxygen deprived. And my pulse went down to 42bpm. (My resting heart rate is normally around 52bpm, which is low in itself, but I’m quite athletic). So that was a bit worrying. But apart from that, I was feeling better than I had before in a veeery long time!

So when they told me that stimulants aren’t safe for me, I felt crushed… well, still do… Not sure I’m ready to accept it yet.
They’ve put me on Strattera now to see how that will pan out, but reading up about it is not making me particularly hopeful… What I’ve read suggests it only helps about 50% of the people who try it, and even for those that it helps, the effects aren’t as noticeable as with stimulants…
So it would be good to hear others experiences with Strattera? Hopefully positive ones… Cause I am feeling massively bummed out at the moment. Also, to add insult to injury, Strattera capsules are made from gelatine, which is also a massive bummer as a vegetarian and environmentalist…

Anyway, just wanted to update how my positive journey has taken a bit of a crappy turn and feeling pretty hopeless at the moment…

Peace :v:

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