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Six months earlier I stop self medicating ,things did not go well I lay in the fetal position on the sofa when I stopped going outside wife knew it was time for the two see a Dr. So I did and was diagnosed with adhd for the second time in my life .I was prescribed medicine an hour later felt like a new person.A few months later I get a call from kaiser telling me that my Dr. Is no longer with kaiser and I would have come down and see a new Dr. So I did in 10 minutes I had a new diagnosis the ,drug addict meds were cut of and was sent to detox ,My Dr.did.not properly inform me of any details like intake can put a 3 day hold on you! ooops .more over he also sign me up for a failing kaiser outpatient program .My mom and dad owen and ran a durug rehab I have been on the other side of the desk and I know it takes longer than 10 min and when i say 10 min that include s parking I never once abused my meds by asking for more be for due date in fact i had some left over I for get to take them it s an adhd thing normal ppl take drugs to get high sick ppl take drugs to feel normal and I am in the 2end half I would expect kaiser to know the difference.As fast as I was wiped out of Dr jeiiroies office and put in rehab looks to me like he is filling seats to kick start the rehab why not target the adhd we are most likely not going to say anything and your Dr know s this we blame our self s over any 1 else .We cant focus long enough to write a letter of defence and your Dr know s this as well like shooting fish in a barrel but this crosses the line with me ! It s unethical and flat out wrong now it s about the principal when it comes to principals i dig in and fight ! This is what I want from kaiser .I want my meds back because they work ,I want to be fully tested because it s common for other mental illness to run with ADHD . I know i have some kind of learning disability and I want to know what im up against I want to know what kaiser is going to do to rectify this problem ! before it gets any worse

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Sounds like you have a clear sense of what you want. If you haven’t already, sounds like the next step is to outline those individual goals and figure out what steps you need to take to get there.

At the core of it, though, it sounds like you also know what kind of help you need. Not just medications, but a provider who will take the time to get to know you and help you understand what you’re facing. I’m not sure if you’ll get that with Kaiser or with someone else, but it will likely take some time and include frustration along the way.

It’s good that you’re taking steps to advocate for yourself and also to get support. Sounds like you’ve made some incredible progress already in your life. Hopefully you get the help you want and need to go even further.

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