Okay so I’m gonna ask for a GP appt to test ADHD

So my gp has this thing where you can sign up and then book one appt online (which I’ve done and I’ll do the full thing later) so at some point I think I’m gonna book an appt and ask for an assessment of whether I have ADHD.

Kinda nervous (read: absolutely terrified) about it because if I do then everything changes but if I don’t then it’s on me and that’s scary.

Some people have said I show signs of it, others have said I don’t so I don’t really know at this point but I relate and I feel it’s now interfering with my life enough to be upsetting for me so ima just go for it and beg forgiveness of my parents later. (After all, if it’s true then it’s good I went, if it’s not then they don’t need to know)

I feel I’ve mentioned it too much around my friends, especially recently so I’m scared to say anything. My girlfriend thought she might have dyslexia and is getting tested for it soon and I’m real proud of her for it coz she was so worried about it but it’s kinda upsetting coz I talk about ADHD and I don’t think she believes me and so isn’t proud or excited for me about it. It’s kinda sad.

I dunno. I’m really anxious about the appt but I think I need to do it otherwise I’m just gonna get stuck here and it’s gonna start causing problems. At least I’ll finally get an answer, even if it’s not one I want.

Just to clarify: I don’t want ADHD as such but I relate to it so I’d rather it be something I know about and understand rather than being because I’m actually lazy and/or not trying hard enough.

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I can really relate to your feelings about going for diagnosis, especially this part.

I’m really proud of you for doing the scary thing and booking an appointment.

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I haven’t booked it yet coz I didn’t want to impulsively do it and then have to rewind and cancel it coz i can’t make it lol. But I’ve done everything else so now the hardest part: actually requesting an appt. Scary scary.

Hi there!

While some GPs are trained to do proper ADHD assessments, the vast majority are not. They use something called the SNAP which is a simple rating scale that’s available to anyone online. If you’re interested in having a comprehensive assessment done which will provide you with substantial recommendations, I suggest asking your doctor to refer you to an assessment psychologist. Depending on how old you are, these assessments are also incredibly valuable if you’re seeking formal accommodations in school. A psychologist with an assessment specialty can also do proper psychoeducational testing, in the event that you’re concerned about a learning disability, or any other cognitive processing issues.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

I was looking online and it said that the go would refer you to a specialist if they felt it was necessary. Is that not the case?

The only thing is, I’m trying to do this without my parents and a trip to the gp May be substantially easier for me than a trip to the doctor. Do you know if it has to be a specific doctor or if I can book an appointment online or something?

I’m hoping to be able to have something solid: a definite yes or a definite no. (I’m terrified that it may be a no but if it’s a yes that means I have to start doing things about it and informing people.) So would that be better gotten from a doctor or should I let my gp tell me what to do?

I visited a psychologist who had started me with cbt and now also emdr

However the 2nd session in said she felt i may have adhd and gone without diagnosis since childhood…

She did a test i believe it was called Diva, also spent time with my mother asking questions about childhood and now for her opinion etc

Checked through all my old school reports etc, then made a decision from the there

Fair play on finding out…i went 33 years not knowing and thinking i was going insane!!
Do not be upset either way, be glad you are taking notice something is off, and looking after yourself :+1:t2:

Just to give you some context, I’m actually in my final internship for my masters in School and Applied Child Psychology- I begin my provisional hours in June. ADHD assessments, ASD assessments, Psychoeducational assessments, etc. are exactly what I’m trained to do :slight_smile: I currently work alongside of two pediatricians and a psychiatrist, so I have more insight into this than the average bear. Unless doctors are specifically trained to do comprehensive ADHD assessments, they won’t do them. Sadly, a lot of individuals end up being misdiagnosed due to a lack of knowledge on the part of doctors. A comprehensive assessment should include a diagnostic interview with you + a parent or someone who has known you since before the age of 12 (ideally), report card review, and completion of diagnostic rating scales. Anything less will not give you the definitive answers you’re looking for. General Practitioners (i.e. family doctors) do not receive any specialized training on diagnosing complex mental health issues- they do their best to identify them, but it often isn’t sufficient and they aren’t able to connect you with the necessary supports to help you manage your symptoms. If you’d like a bit more guidance, feel free to shoot me an email :slight_smile: I’m not a registered psychologist yet, but ADHD is my area of specific interest (I also have ADHD, so I have personal experience as well :wink: ).

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