On ASD and Grieving / processing difficult expereinces

This is one i’ve been thinking about for a long time (also wasn’t sure wether to put this here or in support). I think i first noticed it after dealing with some difficult experiences myself and i read somewhere online what was meant to be a comforting quote, something along the lines of “even soldiers / civilians who come back from war having lost friends take around 5 years to process initial grief, so there is hope for everyone”. Or something to that effect. What i’ve noticed in myself and also friends of mine with ASD is that we maybe don’t grieve the same way as others. I feel somehow like what would take 5 years to process for most people took me 10-15 years just to get over the initial stages (and this despite actively working on it). One of the issues was also assuming i had already grieved and moved past something and then getting frustrated when clearly that was not the case and eventually fed up that it was just not reducing enough for me to live a normal life. I wonder if anyone else has had any experience of this or knows if there has been any research done in this area also?


I don’t have any formal advice, but this reminded me of an incredibly touching scene from Buffy season 5, episode 6 (CAUTION SPOILERS)

Buffy Speech Season 5, Episode 6