On the subject of surprises

Hi all!

I’m nineteen, fresh into college with my third job and my first car - I’ve had my driving license for about five months.

Long story short, it’s the very first Christmas I can buy my parents Christmas presents without either of them knowing in any way. My mom and I have grown a lot closer since my diagnosis + some other stuff this summer/fall, and it’s really hard not to show her the picture of what I had made for her for Christmas.

Anyone else struggle through this?! I don’t know what I’m getting my dad yet, but I know it’s going to be hard to keep it from him, too.


Yes. If I did something for someone I don’t want to wait to tell them and the more exciting the surprise the harder it is to wait. I usually try to forget about the surprise during the waiting period. I’m pretty forgetful, so that often works


People appreciate if you try and think about them.