Ordering Rx Meds on-line (in USA) how-to?

Am getting the run-around right now, on finding the right kind of generic Adderall to fill my prescription. (Jessica has part of a video about this … how you have to get organized and drive around and be panicked, to refill drugs, exactly at the time when you are least able to be organized, because you need to refill drugs! Can’t find the specific video right now …)

I am just wondering, if anyone has any thoughts about using those on-line services to refill prescriptions? I have a scrip for 60 pills of 20-mg and I want to fill it NOT with the Teva manufactured type, but rather with the Sandoz generic. Through recent experiences with the variety of different generic manufacturers, I’ve learned that I really like the Sandoz, and am just now starting to learn how to make sure I get the right manufacturer. (Not a suggestion or endorsement of Sandoz over Teva or over any other manufacturer – I have seen a lot of on-line comments that are exactly the opposite, indicating the patient prefers Teva over Sandoz, for example. It’s just that Sandoz seems to be a better match to my personal body chemistry, you’ll have to try out your own body chemistry’s preferences.)

But it turns out, my regular pharmacy has NONE of the Adderall in stock (regardless of manufacturer) and won’t until the beginning of next month. Need refill within a week or so; really want Sandoz refill rather than just-any-ol’ refill; don’t know how to do the on-line thing.

Does anyone know more? I Googled and found a few websites, including something called Blink Health, that has outlets for pick-up at some pharmacy locations with which I’m familiar in my area. But I can’t figure out if I can specify the generic manufacturer or if it’s just hit-or-miss as it is with the brick-and-mortar locations. I would have to “join” and complete the whole purchase, merely to find out whether or not it actually was the right purchase that I did want to complete.

I use Express Scripts for mostly everything. I love it. I usually get 3 months worth of pills for about the same price as a month’s worth. If I’m running low on something, they have an option for a faster delivery service. I take Atomoxetine, a generic form of Straterra, and I have that on auto-refill. I’ve never had any problems with them.

I believe that Express Scripts are out of Missouri?

Thanks for the comment. I’ll look into them. But, thing is, I’m not sure that joining their service (or any other) would actually help me with the MAIN problem, which is, that Adderall is not available in my area. If I already had three months of pills stockpiled then that would be one thing, but since I’m running out tomorrow it’s not like I can rely on the stockpiling of a backlog like you say you are able to do. I think what would happen, if I were somehow to start Express Scripts tomorrow would be, they’d sign me up, take all my info, then say, “Oh look, there’s no Adderall available in your area,” which is the same thing every other pharmacy in my area would say. Or, they’d say, “Please go to such-and-so pharmacy and get it from them” and that pharmacy would similarly say, “none available”. The problem is with the supply-chain, somehow … Not that Express Scripts isn’t a bad idea, I just should have implemented it sooner; it won’t help for this last-minute situation. Anyway, it looks like it’s a pharmaceutical PLAN, which hooks into your insurance, not just a distribution place.

So, among other concerns, I’d have to start thinking in terms of insurance costs maybe. My insurance doesn’t cover my Adderall. I picked that level of insurance partly because the added cost, to raise my coverage to a level that DID pay for Adderall, was much more than my monthly Adderall cost. By keeping my insurance out of my Adderall, I can just buy it quickly whenever the opportunity presents itself, without having to wait for insurer approval and thereby risking that the supply will run out at the last moment.

It’s NUTS that we have to go through all of these shenanigans, isn’t it!??

Additionally, I think we have different regulations to deal with. Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine Salts (components of Adderall) are regulated by the US Federal Government as “controlled substances” so they’re harder to deal with; I think Atomoxetine (Strattera right?) is not a Federally Controlled Substance. If I’m right, then that’s the reason you can get more than one month of your drug in advance. I’m not allowed to have more than thirty days’ supply in my possession, the pharmacy isn’t allowed to sell anyone more than thirty days’ supply, so forth so on. Silly!