Orna RPG

So I was watching a How To ADHD video the other day I can’t remember the topic, but it mentioned pokemon go for getting out and walking more. I played Go back when it first came out, and got bored quickly when people I know IRL stopped playing. I was looking for Epic Win in playstore and it recommended Orna. (Epic Win did help btw - but only for about a week, then i forgot to check it for a day and got overwhelmed and frustrated by the overdue quests) I’m enjoying Orna a lot and they have guilds (called Kingdoms) and I don’t know if they’re local only or if they’re game wide. I was wondering if any other Brains were playing, and if so, do y’all have a Kingdom? How are you liking the game? Its helping me not get bored walking the dog so her walks have gone from 5-10 minutes to 30 which she is LOVING as she’s still a puppy.


I hadn’t heard of Orna before. It looks like it would be fun, like other RPGs I’ve played before. I just don’t have much time for games these days.

(I work full time and always have a lot to do at home with my wife and kids. I barely find time for a little light reading every day. I am considering getting up earlier to get some exercise in, so I’ll keep Orna in mind for walking/jogging.)

Thanks for sharing about this.

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