I like to play overwatch because it is relaxing, and it engages my brain. However, I’ve been using my brother’s ps+ account and he wants me to get my own. Is it worth paying $60 to continue playing? It is one of the only things that stimulates my brain properly, so I am really not sure.


I love overwatch. Unfortunately I can’t give any advice. I play on the PC, and that’s only because they did a special a couple months ago where you could playtest for a week and then buy the PC version for $20. I’d like to have the playstation version, as I have a number of friends who play on PS4, but I’m definitely NOT paying $60 for it. shrug


Would you be buying the PC version or a console version? If you go PC I’d wait for them to do a special (they’ll probably do one for Christmas, I’d be surprised if they didn’t)… if it’s a console version I’m not really sure… I liked Overwatch but I don’t know if I’d pay $60 for it… :sweat_smile:


I play on the PC


I used to play it often, played in platinum and with master level players before it kinda faded away


I did end up paying for it, just because it is something that I enjoy a lot and I think it will be worth it.