Owaves app

This iPhone/iWatch free app seems like a useful one. It shows a circular O ring to represent 24 hours. You then drop an item from 5-6 categories on the O ring and adjust its start time and length with a gesture and repeat until the whole day is scheduled. The categories are play, relax, exercise, eat, love and flow/misc. The idea is to try to balance these activities. So this is not used to track your to do list. Think of it more as a calendar to keep track of your higher level goals. You can set alerts etc. The day plan can be saved and repeated or you can define different plans. You can have day/week/month views.

What I like is its user interface, which is quite simple. It also keeps stats and uses Apple health integration so you can track your sleep & exercise. I’ve just started using it so not sure how it will work out but if it does work well I’ll provide an followup post.

The iPad app doesn’t yet sync with the iPhone one so for now I’m leaving it alone.

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