Pain tolerance and hyperawareness contradictions...

I am reading a little about adhd and pain tolerance. I recently had it pointed out to me that I have a ridiculously high pain tolerance by a dentist. And sifting back through my past I can see many instances when this is true.

I have fibromyalgia and tendonitis and take zero pain meds. I had wisdom teeth growing out into the back of my mouth and all sorts of weirdness and never realized how much pain there was until they were removed and suddenly I was without the pain.

Needles don’t bother me and I always think my husband is complaining sooooo much about everything and that it’s just no where near as big a deal as he’s making out.

But I am hyper aware if even a single strand of hair is on my skin. Of my clothes, if something comes close to touching me. Tiny insects or if my skin is exposed instead of covered by clothes…

Anyone else?

Yes, same here. I am a little clumsy - ADHD tripping and stepping over stuff kinda way, no accidents skiing, hiking or motorcycling but walking stairs and sitting down on chairs etc.- already had a large and colorful variety of bruises, fractures and tension tears. Usually doctors don’t believe me, that there is something wrong, when I come to the ER, for I don’t cry as much as others and I speak calmly as stress relaxes me. When I strictly insist on an x-ray they are surprised. This year I slammed my had in my car door. No, not on purpose. There was a tension rupture/tear. The Doc kept on saying no, there is nothing you would cry when I move like this… But what I actually fear is nausea. It needed an MRT. Also at the dentist i feel nausea and a strong impulse in my vagus nerve, but no pain. My daughter is the same. But funny as it is, socks and little tags in Shirts “hurt” her. I read that we are not the only ones in the ADHD community. It is quite common I believe.

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I am blessed to be able to basically live like a Hobbit so I don’t have to deal with the horrible socks most of the time but omg I frowned in real life when you just mentioned tags.

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I’m overly sensitive to cold, and very tolerant of heat. I am very ticklish. I used to be very reactive to pain, but have learned that I can bear pain much better if I practice mindfulness. (In my head, I used to call it “going into ‘Zen Mode’.”)

I think that I’m more sensitive to pain than the average man my age (lower threshold to sense), but I’m less reactive to needles (if I know I’m going to get pricked). I used to be super sensitive to the slightest touch, feeling even a slight air current in a closed room. I’m not as sensitive as I used to be. (Maybe 80% of my peak.)

I think my pain tolerance comes out to about average, overall. My fingers, face and neck seem to be most sensitive, while the rest of my body seems to be more tolerant.