Parents who won't let you get rid of energy?


Who relates to this!

After a whole day of sitting still at school, I REALLY need to get some enery out, so I wanna dance. But then I got parents who don’t allow me too cause I’m irritating them with it.

Please say someone relates! :joy::sob:


:dancer: dance on girl!
Maybe if you have some friends who also like to dance, you guys can get together and practice at a nearby park or at school after hours.


Dance in the bathroom?

Dance while doing chores? I bet parents won’t complain if you dance while you vacuum!


I’m 41 and can totally relate to having a bad case of dancey pants! Lol


Let it out!!
Our brains often feel better when our bodies are in motion. But we have to find somewhere it’s expected, like soccer or martial arts or even dance lessons!


No, My mother enjoys watching me jam as I vacuüm. Until I notice she’s Standing there, And Then I get embarrassed as hell​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Join a dance troop or community theater. You will be surprised at how fast their tune changes.


literally me aaaaaall the time. I have almost NO way to get rid of restless energy. (I used to be in dance and cheerleading, but ever since high school I haven’t had anything to keep my energy flowing or way to exercise. I really want to either go back to dance or start martial arts, but my mother won’t let me!)




HAHAHAHA :joy::joy::joy:

I wish I Seriously Could though…


Oh yeah, I’m 34 and my mum still makes me stop when I need to get the restless out. It’s really annoying! Luckily my partners are okay with my bouncing around heh.


Dance? no… Play games? Heck to the yes. It lets the spring of my mind unwind…
Kinda wish I liked dancing… Probably help me lose weight. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, You’re a foster dad? (Just watched your profile :joy: )


I are.


Cool! I’m a foster child :+1:t2: