Personal Hygiene & Self Care: The Struggle Is Real (& sometimes gross)

So, I have a tendency to slack on personal hygiene (I know, I know – “ew”) and self care sometimes, and it has gotten worse since this pandemic started. Does anybody else have days where you suddenly realize, “Hmm… I don’t remember when I last showered…”? Do you think, “Oh, I haven’t brushed, flossed, or rinsed yet today… meh, takes so much time and energy… I’ll do it later,” but then later never comes because you end up forgetting? Do you find that you don’t want to sleep, because you could be doing all the things instead, OR because you know you’re going to have insomnia issues tonight and you don’t want to deal with it, OR you look at the clock and it’s 5:30 P.M… and then you get wrapped up in something and look at the clock, thinking “it’s probably somewhere around 7:30 P.M.” but it’s actually 1:00 in the morning?



No detail necessary!



Yes! Like I had to force myself into doing a routine to take care of myself. Sometimes I would go weeks without brushing my teeth or combing my hair. And I only showered because well people in my life would shame me. But all of it was really tied to my depression and I only got better at it once I removed the toxic parts from my life.

So, days when I really don’t feel like taking care of myself I compromise by skipping the facial routine and simply brushing my teeth, combing my hair, and taking a nice shower before I head of to bed.

I am horrible at feeding myself at appropriate times, like most days I only have dinner and then maybe a fruit or something less healthy as a snack. Though that is probably because I often get nauseous when I eat in the morning, sometimes even getting horrible stomach cramps. Have always been that way. (Maybe it is something that I should check up with a doctor). I’ve been getting better at eating though, thanks to my dog. So whenever it is time to feed him I eat too (though he ends up almost eating all of my food too because I can not withstand those puppy eyes).

I would say that sometimes it is easier taking care of yourself when you have to care for someone else or a pet. Like now I take better care of myself because I need to so that I can take the best care of my dog. Like he is literally my life.

Sleeping has always been a problem for me, but not as of late, mostly because I have to take sleeping pills every evening and I have gotten suprisingly good at remembering to take them. Those and my ADHD meds - my anti-depressants I have a tendency to forget and I don’t even remember last time I took my anxiety meds.

In conclusion, I have to agree that it is a uphill struggle to care for yourself. Sometimes there are things in your life that makes it harder (the pandemic being one). Sometimes it does you good to reflect on why you forget it and why you find it hard to do, maybe you’ll find there are somethings in your life that pulls you down and then it is easy to forget to care for yourself as a part of you feels like you don’t really deserve it. So sometimes my tip would be to work on your self-esteem, because you always take care of those things that are worth to take care of - and you have to realize that you are worth something too.


:+1: absolutely!

Thanks for reminding me . . .


You just reminded me that I need to brush my teeth thanks smile :grin:


Ugh I feel this so much!!! I’m either super on routine… or have no idea whenever I did ANYTHING last :grimacing:


Same! And sometimes I can handle small disruptions in my routine and just bounce back… but other times there are small disruptions and my routine just falls apart and I can’t get back into it! So, it’s like I go through phases of having a really healthy, strict routine… and not having a routine at all.