PhD write up and ADHD


Has anybody got any advice to help me focus on my PhD write up?
I only got diagnosed in the last year, aged 42. I have meds but they are only partly helpful.
I feel so stupid being full of ideas and interest in the next project, working hard and completely focussed on planning 6 months or 24 months away research, but not able to focus on finishing my research right today.
I feel overwhelmed by my repeated sitting down to work with nothing getting done when I pack up 12hours later…yet I have been working solidly on easy or interesting tasks, just can’t seem to finish the mega important ones…
So tired of fighting!!! So want this PhD finished, yet can’t seem to finish it…help!


Going through a similar thing myself, so I know how you feel, try giving yourself a deadline to complete it, with a reward if you manage it. it’s important not to put yourself down, we are not at fault for finding it so hard.