Phone banned at Work! NOW how do I function? (Low-tech strategies to cope)

So I have a bit of a predicament… My phone is my second brain. I use it in conjunction to a journal to set daily reminders and alarms for myself (I have the most SEVERE time blindness I swear, even on meds) but unfortunately Ive had a pretty bad episode of non focus lately it’s almost like there are two of me, one who’s done the job and done it well and efficiently, and the one everyone notices that goes right in behind me making mistakes to reports misfiling mail, and forgetting to forward messages (I SWORE I sent an email about that… sorry!).

Least to say, my work place is aware of my ADHD and they try to make accommodations as best they can but it’s gone too far as of late and I’m basically one screw up away, before my a** is grass essentially. That being said, they told me I am not to have any distractions at work. I work in a soundless room all day manning a desk all by myself so… practically a nightmare for me. I am really focusing in and struggling to remain focused but it’s difficult without my already set in place systems. I’m so worried I’m going to let my boss down when the ADHD monster comes back around to eat me!

What are some low tech ways you guys implement to stay on task and essentially survive the day? I’ve got an outlook calendar to start but it’s rather confusing because I have about 20 others for all the conference rooms I manage in my daily job, and google calendar doesn’t jive with me. I wind up with a day of 40 different things planned on repeat loop and I get so overwhelmed my train of thought instantly blocks it all out. That and I can’t exactly take my work PC with me (3 monitor setup anyone?)

I’d like some low tech suggestions on how to keep up with my time management, medication reminders, my calls for lunch (errand time!) and so on without the use of apps and phone alarms?

(P.S. I’m looking into time minder watches? Anyone have one? How do you like it and does it work?)
(P.P.S I am currently trying a bullet journal… “trying” being the operative word… when I remember to fill it out for the next week that is haha…)

Sorry for the long read! I ramble!


Omg this sounds like a nightmare!

The stuff you need your phone for, does it all still work in airplane mode?

If so, as your workplace says this is to support you, I would recommend explaining what you said above and asking if phone on airplane would be an acceptable compromise. I get that they don’t want you interrupted by WhatsApp and emails etc.

Lol nope, they’re old fashioned. I already asked if it would be acceptable to turn off my data but no dice. Phones in general are the devil and I can’t be trusted not to turn airplane mode off now can i? Evil laughter :smiling_imp: