Please tell me Im not alone


Dear Brains,

Im new here. And I am here because I feel so alone.
And for the first time in my life I am asking for help and for some among you guys to tell me I am not alone. Please tell me you are with me in this as I am writing this with tears streaming down me face.

I have just turned 35. And after 20 years of knowing I have ADHD (undiagnosed) myself I have finally spoken out about it to my family and now am in the process of getting a professional diagnosis.

After being different all my life, after everyone always telling me things such as “Your so weird”, “Your so authentic”, “Your not like everyone else here”, “Your not like us”, “I wouldnt expect you to fit in”, “You will never be like us”, etc I finally feel that I found my tribe. And I just need you guys to tell me I found my tribe.

Because even if I never want to conform to anything and being a true maverick I just really truely want to belong. Do you guys understand? I so hope someone can understand.

And in sharing this I hope I can show others who are feeling alone like me, can see that we are together in this and the struggle is real. Because it has been for me all my life.
And now finally I will never deny why anymore.

tell me and lets tell eachother : You are not alone:love_you_gesture:

Thank you. With love and respect, Hanna


Oh Hanna you’re not alone!!!

My whole life I have had people say the exact same things to me. My mom has even lamented “why do you have to be different all the time?” I’m so stubborn, I kind of cultivate my non-conformity on many issues. But sometimes I just wish I could feel and act and experience stuff the way Neurotypicals do. Even as I say that my brain rebels and says “No way, they walk around with blinders on. You get to see EVERYTHING.”

Welcome to the tribe!!


We’re right here with you Hanna. I was finally diagnosed at 26. I even was misdiagnosed with aspergers syndrome before I knew it was ADHD all along so it is a journey. Don’t be afraid to come in here and rant like crazy or ask for some encouragement. We’re here for you and you’re totally NOT ALONE!


You have found your tribe. You are not alone, I have spent most of my life also not fitting in, I know what that feels like. I also know that finding other people like you, does not necessarily make you feel less lonely. I feel lonely a lot, and am working on it. I have to actively fight my urge to self-isolate. I don’t know if I have ever met people that really understand me. but this seems like a place where people do.

If this is similar to what you are feeling, then yes, you are not alone. Even if it is different than what you are experiencing, you are not alone. I think many of us struggle to really connect with people. and that can leave us feeling lonely, even when we are around others.

Keep reading what the other Brains write, they are amazing. Reading what other Brains think and experience has made me feel a little less alone. It is ok to feel lonely. We are all here when you need us.


You are definitely not alone! And this is such a great tribe to help support you! I am newly diagnosed as well. I am 31. I’ve experienced a lot of emotions since the official diagnosis. I was surprised, because ADHD had that stigma of a young, hyper boy. I was very uneducated about it. Then I was sad, then angry. I now accept it, and I am trying to find MY new “normal”. I feel like I’ve lost so much vital time. It sucks.



you are not alone :smiley: we are all going through the same crazy :crazy_face: stuff
you are amazing!:smiley_cat:


You are not alone, I too was told the same things. I cracked up at the authentic thing, because that is the one thing i can rely on. I may be a flake, a space cadet, too intense and argumentative, but at least I’m sincere (slight sarcasm here). In all honestly though i have attracted a great group of people with my adhd feels.

I’m 31, only just got officially diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD after being misdiagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. I’m stil struggling with some anger over my parents and school missing it, when they were able to diagnose both my brothers (and never mention it to me). I’m more angry at the schools, cause they were expensive and I exhibited all the same signs despite being a girl, and teachers just yelled at me instead.

Welcome to you tribe, I’m excited to be here too. Just lots of feels.


I have never fit it anywhere. I am 53 and was only diagnosed 10 years ago. My family subtly rejected me my entire life. I have never been able to fit into a social group. My sister was a bully and would routinely tell me that everyone at school hated me. And I continue to have a very difficult time fitting in anywhere.

You are not alone!


Not alone, virtual hug

I was got treated at 39, look at all the character we built though ^_^.


Hello, Heather, I am 31 too and working toward getting diagnosed myself but your finishing statement of “… and I am trying to find my new normal. I feel like I’ve lost so much vital time.” literally speaks to my soul as to how I’m currently feeling in the hopes of getting diagnosed and finding help to really meet the me that I am supposed to be. Thank you for Helping me take one more tiny step toward realizing I am not the only person who feels and thinks like I do.


I have quickly learned that we are never alone in this matter. There are so many of us. I am so thankful for this tribe!


im new diagnosed and i feel more alone after that i tried to open up about my add , but nobody seems to understand , we don’t fit anywher. I feel you and and hope that reading the comments would make you feel better


I was bullied for 3 treated of my life from the moment I opened up about my ADHD diagnosis. I was told horrible things TO MY FACE! I still haven’t completely got over it, and am living in a constant swarm of anxiety, but everyone here is like you, and me. We are all the same, amazing people!

Welcome to the tribe :hugs: