Post surgery self care Highly sensitive plus ADHD (HSP)

So I just had sinus surgery, and I was more scared of the post surgery than the surgery itself…

My psychologist tells me I am a highly sensitive person. Which I feel Jess may have mentioned in the past? About her self?

Anyway I’m at the end of two weeks (unpaid) recovery, and it’s been an experience.

Ever since the surgery my hair follicles and teeth have been sore…. Though the surgeon never touched either. And of course my sinuses hurt! Like I’d been punched in the nose.

He pulled the stitches out of my nasal cavity today and my head is still ringing with pain like a bell. Even with the good drugs.

And the anxiety I’m sure pumps it up… I’m so scared to clean out my nose and pull on something I shouldn’t, every new day and new experience I was terrified…. I preferred to be asleep, it was the only time I was ok.

I don’t ever remember having an experience like this, feeling sorry for myself AND the pain not going away….

The surgeon was nice he said “it’s just the way you’re wired…”

I feel for the first time like the damsel in distress, with a sprained ankle unable to save myself….

Of course having to feed myself, wash out my sinuses 3 times a day , take my meds, was all completely overwhelming for my adhd, I completely failed on most fronts there! I’m glad I had the time off, I can’t believe some people

Next week I return to the real world… with covid deaths climbing… I really want to just hide away. just work away through it!

I don’t know if I will experience similar post-op difficulties . . . when I have hip-replacement surgery in 11 days . . .

If I have post-op problems . . . if I remember :rofl: . . . I will come back here with my tales of woe!

I’m 75 and this will be my first major surgery . . . :face_with_head_bandage:

In any event, I hope that your miserable days . . . go the way of the DODO . . . SOON!



This may be a side effect of the anesthesia, or part of your body’s inflammatory response to the surgery.

Or, perhaps just because you are highly sensitive.

Have you heard of the concept of HSP (highly sensitive person)? While not in the DSM-5, it’s another psychological area of study. The concept was introduced by Dr. Elaine Aron in the 80s or 90s. I identify as an HSP, but there is no official diagnosis.

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Oh Barry! Well, when my mum had a hip replacement it was a breeze she was in heaps of pain before, and it all went away with the new hip!

Im sure they’ll take great care of you!

Yeah my psych told me i was HSP. I know we’ve had the conv before but it never felt so real as it does now.

I figure the anaesthesia isn’t still affecting me so much after two weeks, my hair still hurts as much as it did two weeks ago….

Just another label to add to make me more of a bloody weirdo

Well, the nervous system is a very complex thing.

Before I had my wisdom teeth removed, I had discomfort in my sinuses. After the swelling went down after my extractions, no more sinus discomfort (until the following flu season, that is). So, I can understand a sinus-teeth nerve connection. I wouldn’t be surprised, with the interconnectivity of nerve networks in the head and face, that the very same reason is causing the pain in your hair (follicles, I presume). — I have had my scalp and hair follicles hurt before: from the flu many times, from allergies occasionally, from COVID-induced pneumonia last Fall, and from withdrawal from prescription medication.

My daughter had an ankle injury last winter. The injury itself healed, but the pain persisted (constantly at an 8 or 9, and discoloration along with it). She had a surgical procedure to inject a pain blocker into her spinal cord in one of her lumbar vertebrae. The pain was reduced to a 2 or 3, and the discoloration went away. (Naturally, she then had back pain at the injection site for 2 weeks, but she said it was worth it for the relief in her ankle.) - Oddly, this procedure is said to help the brain reset the pain perception and speed additional healing to the nerves at the injury site. I am marveled by that… Block pain to encourage the body to heal itself. Cool!

Wow! That is amazing!! That a spinal block would help her!

I’m now very aware of how interconnected everything in my head is… I think sinuses are just… you know you’re aware of them with every breath.

So sore throats, dry mouth (from not breathing thru nose) water rolling around in sinuses and exiting as you roll your head (I hate sinus washes!)

Teeth get cold from mouth being open and breathing through mouth, it’s winter here… and everything drying out from heater being on, my lips look like crustaceans.

And for adhd the effort to run and clean the humidifier every night, to feed yourself something soft cos your mouth is sore, and to not choke while eating because you can’t breathe through your nose… plus washing out the sinus wash thing, then refilling it and washing sinuses… and the antibiotics… I’m not doing a great job. I’ve also reversed my sleep pattern, I’m waking up at 5pm going yo sleep at 6am…

I’ve always had fears around not breathing through my sinuses I’m very sensitive about it because as it turns out there wasn’t much room for the air.

So this is a new hell.

I can’t believe the pain your daughter went through though, that’s insane and awful…

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Wishing you a speedy recovery. It sounds really difficult.

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sinus issues can cause referred pain in the teeth.

it’ll be nice to breathe properly once you’re healed up!

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Yeah sorry I was trying not to do the full whine…. It’s been a not fun couple of weeks, but I feel ok now!

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Glad to know that you are feeling better now!

(Whine away when you need to. We are here for each other, to listen and encourage in the struggles, and to celebrate the successes!)