Private adhd assesment

Im going to be paying £360 for a assesmnt, but im really scared if the phyciatrist doesnt understand it mcuh as i have had problems before.
any tips?


In general, I’d go in with notes prepared about what you want to make sure to share.

For example, write down each of the criteria for ADHD and then make notes about examples of your own experiences and behavior for each of the symptoms. Keep in mind that sometimes symptoms can present differently. For example, impulsivity may not mean climbing on trees and chairs but it might mean leaving meetings early, restlessness, making poor financial choices, making mistakes, etc.

Make sure you also share any past information that you have like past school reports or even feedback that you’re received from other people. How would your parents have described you as a kid? What would your teachers have shared?

You want to talk about how the symptoms impact you at home, school, and work if you have those three areas to reference.

Also, be clear about why you’re seeking the diagnosis.

If you want, you could also complete and bring in the ADHD Adult Self Report Screening which is available online: ADHD Self-Report Questionnaire

Good luck!


Ditto. Good advice.

I’d also say that you shouldn’t go in there with high hopes, that way you won’t be disappointed.

And if the outcome is not favourable, then try again with someone else, until you are happy that the professional you see, is in fact professional and willing to explore your situation rather than just ticking and flicking you back into your box.