Private or NHS Diagnosis?

Hi I’m David,
I’m nearly 55 yrs old and after watching Jessica’s Ted talk realise I have all the symptoms and am hoping to get tested. This has all been a revaluation to me but explains so much about my life and my struggles in life. Maybe I’ll be able to put strategies in place to allow me to actually complete things, stop procrastinating etc.
This is all very difficult for me. I’m not sure how easy it is going to be to get assessed on the NHS during Covid-19. I have an initial assessment paper to complete from my GP to be referred, I’m wondering if it might be quicker to go private? Anyone in the U.K. able to shed some light please?


Hello David, I was diagnosed 3 years ago at 48 on the NHS aftera 2 year wait
A private assessment has always been quicker than NHS, pre-Covid NHS waiting times range from months to 2 years, some trusts there are no assessment or treatment services at all. I can’t imagine how much longer these waiting times are now.

Private has a couple of issues, obviously cost is one, on the other hand, your NHS trust does not have to accept a private diagnosis. It helps to have a sympathetic GP and it sounds like you have one already.

Might be a good idea to call around and see what your options are, see what private services are available where, and how the process works. You should be able to find contact details for the NHS service and ask them about waiting times. Good luck!


Welcome @davidantony to the ADHD group !

It’s live in Guildford, Surrey .

I have dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits.

I am aged 42. I got diagnosed with ADHD, privately in Birmingham, last August.

I opted to go privately , because I was in a bad way, it is faster . However , it will be costlier . The NHS , will not accept the diagnosis, you have to wait to get medication , even if you get treatment privately you will have to pay for it when you get the treatment from the psychiatrist, wait until your GP accepts the share care plan from the private psychiatrist, before waiting for the GP to refer you to your local ADHD service ( if there is one !) to access treatment, free medication, 12 month reviews etc.

If you have other neurodiverse conditions or mental health conditions it is much harder to find a psychiatrist who will assess you. Many psychiatrists, rejected me, because I have diagnoses of dyspraxia and / or aspergers traits.

If you go to the NHS, for your ADHD diagnosis, you will probably have to wait longer ( there is a postcode lottery , maybe there is no local ADHD service to diagnose you . The process is smoother, you cannot rejected because of other conditions, medication and treatment, can begin straight away , it is free.

The best psychiatrist rejected me, because he had to have a referral from my GP and I have aspergers traits.

Good luck !


Are you allowed to tell me details of the private practice you went to for diagnosis as I am 35mins from Birmingham and pretty desperate for some help/diagnosis. I come under Leicestershire NHS and really don’t want to wait 6/12/18 months.
Thanks for your response


Dr Karim Rajput, email,, for his secertary.

He is very good in my opinion !

He says he only sees people with ADHD & ASD. He will tell you if you have any ASD traits or symptoms of ASD !

He saw me in the afternoon, Tuesday 11th August 2020 !

When you tell him, the timing of the assessment, he will know who referred you !

He will see you face to face !

You can bring a relative to show evidence from childhood, or bring evidence such as medical records, school reports etc !

Can you sign the epetition, forward it far and wide !

Good luck !

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I think we need a petition like that in the USA.

There are many resources here for testing and aiding people with ADHD, but most consistently for kids in public school. Cost of care can vary widely.

  • I work at a public university which has at least three departments which can provide services or assistance to ADHD students. My medical benefits and an employee assistance plan have helped me (though I still had to pay some out-of-pocket costs for assessment and medication).
  • When my son was at a private school, they had no ADHD assistance. Unless a student has an obvious disability (like the school principal’s son with Down’s Syndrome), I’m not sure that they would have made very many accommodations for students. (That might change now, with the experience that the new principal brings to the school.)
  • When I worked at a retail store, I don’t think that my medical plan would have been much help for ADHD. Medical costs were almost as bad for me then than not having health insurance. My older kids were in public school then, so we would have depended on the school’s help with ADHD. (None of my kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, just me so far. My kids show some traits, but not to a severity that we’ve needed to get them assessed for ADHD.)

I also think that the stigma for this condition is still very strong, definitely in America, and I’m guessing in many other countries, too. What I really want to see happen in my lifetime is greater awareness, education, acceptance, and support of ADHD.


Maybe ask someone famous with ADHD to start the epetition !


It is possible to ask your GP for you to be referred to a private ADHD clinic, its what i did and was assessed, diagnosed and put on a treatment plan within a matter of months and i didn’t have to pay a thing.

heres a link to the psychiatrists i used and how to go about getting referred to them.

Hope this helps

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Brilliant ! Samual,
I’ve done the GP assessment form , I will speak to my GP for the referral.
Thank you


Thats great, i hope it all goes to plan, you have the law on your side.
It would be nice to hear how you get on if you don’t mind, I will try remember to check in here from time to time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi i live in the us and am 14 years old so i don’t have any incite as to most of your problems but i wish you luck. @DavidAntony


Hmm… I might know of someone…

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