Productivity Apps


What do you use to keep yourself on task?

I rely on Google Calendar and Keep Notes to function! Does anyone have any neat apps that keep them focused, remind them of tasks, or anything else related to ADHD?


I tried a bunch of different apps. Wunderlist is what I stuck with the longest. They are all featureful but unwieldy. They all seem to be written for muggles. For instance, we may not get to a “repeating task” for a few cycles and these apps don’t seem to provide a quick way to “forget what I didn’t do, just reset it to the present time”.

But now I just keep text files. One per month. Task list for the month at the top. Then a date on a separate line, followed by tasks for that day. I prepend a * when done, a + when I make progress. Periodically I distribute tasks to specific days. At the end of the month I copy incomplete items to the next month. Each year goes in a different folder. One separate file per project. This is sort of like a bullet journal. I tried that too.

For appointments I use a calendar but most everything else has no such urgency.


Muggles. I would not say that word to someone in the context that you have ADHD and they don’t. I would think the response would be, “you have mental problems and you are saying that you are special and I’m not?”

In other people’s minds, people with ADHD are sick. If you say that you have some qualities that are better than theirs they might have a knee-jerk reaction to argue with you.


Except it’s true. :wink:


I wouldn’t use the same word when talking to muggles :slight_smile: It’s just a silly shorthand for “neurotypicals”. By definition they are not special! Even calling us “brains” confers a specialness on us, right?! I tend to think of it too as a humorous label. Making light of something serious.

People thought being gay was a sickness. We know better today. Similarly I hope our understanding will improve and we will stop treating a natural phenomenon as a sickness.


Wouldn’t it be cool if a hundred years from now people got excited when they started seeing ADHD symptoms in their kids? Or looked for them on purpose, like we look for gifted kids or savants or whatever? If the upsides were considered so desirable that the downsides were simply a part of life?

And they would tell their kids, there was a time when people hated and feared your superpower!


You will be amused at the interaction here. The interviewer ridiculed Louise Mensch when she mentioned her ADHD and hyper focus. And so do most of the comments on that video. No matter what we mat think of her politics, we totally get what she is saying.

I don’t know about the future but people have speculated that ADHD hunter-gatherers were better adapted to survive. And that ADHD is a lack of adaptation by some hunter-gatherers to transitioning to a farming culture. I think even now out of the box thinkers have a lot to do with how our modern society has evolved.


Shh don’t let them hear you… pretends to stare at squirrels


My son’s friends think he has super powers because his autism attributes. :joy::joy:


Do you use Word or Google Docs? Curious what you use for text files.

I’ve tried using tasks in Outlook at work, which is super helpful unless I have a lot of stuff that I’m trying to keep track of in a short period of time. Then I tend to ignore the tasks and just focus on e-mails but do go back and mark them as completed eventually. It works pretty good for work. Now I am trying to get a handle on being productive at home.


Neither. They are not plain text editors. By plain text I mean the editor allows no font change, no bold or italics or underlining, no background or text color change etc. These files are easier to process with other programs.

There are a number of plain text editors for windows though I don’t use windows. Macs come with a builtin text editor called TextEdit. If you edit files with extension .txt, with it, they will be plain text.