Psychiatrist and medical resources around the world


I happen to see some ADHDers asking where they can find medical support during their stay abroad. Why not each of us start a new topic on how and where to receive treatment in our native countries, and other ADHDers in that country may comment to add more information? I’m sure that would help.


In australia you need to start with your GP . If you are paying full fees that will cost somwhere between $70 and $150 per visit depending on who and where and what time and what day. It can be more than that but thats an average i would say. Then he will probably refer you to a psycologist for assessment that will probably be around $150 - $250 a visit and you will probably see him 3 or 4 times as an adult and maybe psycometric testing at about $800 Then on to a psychatrist for a diagnosis and if you wish medication. Full fee for the guy i see is about $350 an hour. I am not sure how many times i will see him in total i suppose everyone is different.

We are fortunate with having comparably good public health care. And we will get a fair lump of that paid for by the government. The GP could be free the psyc you might get upwards of 40% back and the psychiatrist again you might get the same. And once you hit a certain amount spent on health care in a year the amount covered jumps up quite a lot.

The only complaint i have about ADHD treatment in australia is that if your diagnosed as an adult you dont have access to subsidised medication. But compared to what i have read about the states we get it cheep anyway.



In NZ very much like aus above, but adults and children and both funded the same once diagnosed and pay $5.00 per month for either ritalin or dexamphetamine, diagnosis is strict and limited to a few experts in main city’s which if you want to get within a few months you have to go private which can be 300-400, that is from a adult experience so possibly children get fast tracked through public service which would be cheaper.


In Taiwan, psychiatrists are found almost only in medical centers (which is the highest level of all hospitals). The treatment, however is relatively inexpensive. Each visit costs about $15. And Ritalin and Concerta are mostly free of charge if you’re diagnosed as a child or teen. Our national health insurance will pay for the rest. The only thing that really sucks is that some doctors have an extremely long waiting list. Sometimes I have to wait till midnight.