Quest For The Reader Badge


I am trying to get as many badges as I can. There is a badge awarded for reading all the replies on a thread that has 100 replies.

The Problem: there is not a thread with 100 replies.

My Goal: Let’s make that thread!

You can add a favorite emoji, a quote, a fun link, or whatever else you want. Once we get 100 replies on here we can all get the badge!

Will you join me in my quest?


Nah, sorry :wink:


But questing is fun.


Omg. Just omg.


You in?



Apparently the post must be 5 characters long at minimum. So…



Ok, I’ll just share this beautiful song I love that’s very relaxing to listen to (and watch!) :blush:


Actually i think this is a great idea. Just like a place to just put the chaos in xD


I think a good shout is to just share whatever we’re really into atm and spread the love :grin: random videos, songs, podcasts, films, tv shows, articles, memes, whatnot :grin:


I love that idea!


Thanks for sharing the song!


Very nice! Here’s something I’ve been listening to recently.

Is liking a lot of different styles of music a common trait for brains?


For me I’m really into rammstein right now

I don’t know if there are any appropriate I can share. Just into loud over the top emotional rock


I hope it is. I’ve never been able to pick what style of music I like. If I like the message of a song I don’t usually care what type of music it is. I was also in band in high school so I like instrumental stuff too.
Lindsey Stirling is one of my favorite artists. I get to see her is concert for the first time at the end of the month. I can’t wait!


Don’t know if it’s common, but I certainly love a huge variety of music, and love discovering new stuff. (Uh, don’t ask me to remember band or song names though.)

This piece was amazing. And thanks for posting it @khagen, cause at 2:15 this morning when I woke from a horrible dream about immigrant concentration camps, I used it to help me fall back asleep.


I went through a rammstein period about 15 years ago. That was also my Goth period, go figure. I still love listening to Du Hast.


I’ve been super into Avatar: The Last Airbender again recently (I watched it as a child but hoo boi tis an amazing show) and also Panic! At The Disco songs


I like listening to different styles of songs as long as it has a good melody, I could be listening to a song on replay for weeks even months and not even know what the song is about lol!


I’m most into soundtracks right now. I listen to an internet station called streaming soundtracks, music from movies, tv, video games, and commercials. It’s pretty great.


Ok I really like that