Quest For The Reader Badge


I’ve always been into suuuuch a wide variety of music! Think there’s both good and bad music in all genres :blush: makes it difficult as a musician to pick one and stick with it though when you want to do a bit of everything…


But you don’t have to, right?! Though I guess learning to play new instruments really well can take a lot of time… Luckily I am no musician :slight_smile:

For variety I like this site called “” which shows a view of the earth. You can spin the globe and zoom in to any place and click on a green dot to play an internet station broadcast from that place. Always fun to sample what people in different parts of the world are listening to (especially when you catch an online version of a local FM station).

This really is the golden age for music consumers.


My lack or commitment in music is great and horrible at the same time :joy: I have a degree in music and hoping to make it my career, but I play: accordion, piano, guitar, ukulele and sing, not to mention a bunch of other instruments i dabble in such as drums, upright bass and recorder etc. The upside is obv being able to play all these things, but downside is that I’m not a master at any one. I get bored with an instrument as soon as it gets too hard…

And similarly with different genres, I go through phases of listening to classical, pop, funk, rock, punk, metal, edm, bluegrass, reggae, folk etc. and I’ll be really into something. Until I’m not.

It’s really hard for me to commit to anything musically, but if I wish to make a career of it, I do need to pick a path…

Edit: also that radio thing seems interesting! Will need to have a listen at some point :slight_smile:


I have a masters in classical guitar, but I’ve played a bunch of syles


In keeping with the music related posts here is an artist that I absolutely adore called AURORA.
Her live performances take fidgeting to a whole new level!


I really like aurora. But could the movements be from autism and stimming?


Since we have been talking about music…when do you think is the right time to start playing Christmas music?


I’d start playing it from 1st December. Since that is the Christmas month :christmas_tree::coffin::gift:


After thanksgiving. Any sooner and I will cut someone before xmas arrives.

But seriously, I just read a study that says xmas music can LITERALLY drive you crazy, because our brains like things that are familiar. So when our brains hear a song that is familiar they WANT to pay attention to that, and it actually takes INCREASED mental energy to NOT listen to Jingle Bells.


I like listening to dream small by josh it makes me feel less stressed


I will add to this badge, the achievement will be unlocked.



How many replies do we have to read to get the badge?


More and more


Yes. Do it.



here’s a little gem I found:

Long After You’re Gone

It’s pretty minimal, but I kinda like that.


In the quest for 100 replies, I humbly contribute some chill beats.


and in a fit of shameless self promotion I present an incomplete song that I wrote and recorded at home. Here’s to reaching 100 replies and the reader badge!

Dance - The Charismagnetics