Question | Vitamins to ease ADHD negative symptoms ?

Does anyone tried taking vit B6 along with B12 and B9(Folic acid) and it eases ur ADHD symptoms , or just makes u feel better ?

I’ve read couple of articles that r saying it makes u feel better in general(unrelated to ADHD), and also eases ur ADHD symptoms.
Someone has experience with it ?

thank in advance.

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The only supplement I’ve had success with is fish oil/omega 3s. That, and adding extra fiber and protein to my diet. (OR, just trying to eat well in general.)


Made me look!

I just skimmed a few articles about vitamins and brain activity. Interesting about B6 and B9.

In my experience, eating a fair amount of fruit and nuts really does help a bit. Not as much as spending an afternoon outside does, though. Or a really good deadline. Or maybe I’m just not eating enough fruits and nuts.

A warning about supplements, though - vitamin supplements are generally considered quite ineffective. What makes vitamins work in fruit is the fiber. So eating whole fruits is the best way of making the most of vitamins. I’m not sure if this is true for the brain effects, too, or just for their general health benefits, though. Me, I used vitamin supplements for a while when I lived in a flat where I wanted top spend the least possible time in the kitchen and, accordingly, couldn’t naturally sustain a wholesome diet. (My flatmates were even slobbier than me and the kitchen was disgusting.) They can be a crutch, especially for brains who don’t see a way to get the nutrition otherwise, but they should only be used for a limited time. (I was sure at the time they helped get me focussed enough to get out of that place and start a better life somewhere else, but I can’t be really surte and, knowing what I now know about supplements, I might have been wrong.)


B6, B12 and B9 do in fact make you feel better. I have found it does not ease the symptomps of ADHD,
Vitamin D does Help with issues related to motivation and taking some is generally not a bad idea since it can not be obtained via Food. You need UV Light to produce it.


I took vitamins B complex, for a period of time, I recall being less stressed. I heard somewhere that vitamin B6 is good for helping with short term memory, this is a major curse for me. I also heard some great things about Fish Oil/DHA.

My problem is, I never take them long enough to see the benefit. I get bored? Maybe bored isn’t the right word. It’s just I am always looking for a quick fix and so many good, healthy and even profitable things take something I tend to lack: consistency. I remember when I was hyper focusing on a 30 day challenge by Advocare. I took the supplements exercised and ate well. I ate oatmeal and eggs almost every morning, had a healthy lunch for the full thirty days. I lost some belly fat, but after a visit to the hospital for and unrelated intestinal issue, I went back to eating like crap.

I say all that to encourage you, if you are planning to take any suppliments or eat better remember to be consistent even if it’s painfully boring. The mental and or physical benefits will take a while to manifest themselves.

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So far I haven’t had much success with vitamins or other supplements.

I did a test for vitamin B12 deficiency when I was thinking of trying supplements, but my levels were well within the normal range and I was told that supplementing vitamins doesn’t help unless one is in fact deficient. Having too much vitamin B can actually be a problem, so having one’s level checked and only supplementing if needed, might be a good idea.

I was rather severely deficient on vitamin D, so I am supplementing that and it has affected my mood positively but I don’t think it made any other differences. Vitamin D deficiency is pretty unhealthy, so I am sticking to the supplementation.

I am taking fish oil, specifically EPA, and have been for more than a year, but didn’t see much of an effect. (It is generally seen as harmless, might be good for the heart, etc. so I am sticking to it anyway. ) Some research says that the dose needs to be above 1000 mg per day to be effective (which is about three times as high as the recommendation on the package). Might try that, but not sure, yet.

Another supplement that I have tried was SAMe. In terms of mood, this worked almost as well as the antidepressant that I took a couple of years ago and it started working much faster, but I think the benefits for improving focus are somewhat limited and science is still on the fence about whether SAMe has positive effects for ADHD or not. There have been a few positive and a few inconclusive studies, so probably there isn’t much of an effect. I’ve stopped taking it, because the recommendation was to only take it for a couple of months after feeling better.

I recently read (… well, started reading… ^^ ) a book “Getting Ahead of ADHD: What Next-Generation Science Says about Treatments That Work”. It might be worth looking at, if you are interested in supplements and alternative treatments.

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Tyrosine can help me on almost every aspect of ADHD. But its limited, only a little boost, a little balance that you might expect from it. If i take my meds and feel a little off emotionally, or i feel like its not working that well, i take 1000mg tyrosine for 2-3 days and i can notice the difference. Its not a solution, but this way i can make sure my body can make as much dopamine as needed. And i think that is important for us. Highly suggested to anyone who is eating low amount (under 1 gram / your body weight in kg) of protein. Any other vitamin or supplement is secondary, because you need the resource to make dopamine and nothing will compensate that.

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I am not sure, last year for the second time deficiency in vitamin D. In my family it is not normally created. We all need supplements because no matter how often we are in the sun, it still is not available enough in our bodies. Even with proper nutrition…
I was lacking in vitamin B, but since I supplemented it I stopped once I felt better.
Don’t know if it improves ADHD though.
Since a while I take magnesium, apparently many people with ADHD lack this. When I remember to take it I feel less tired and my legs will be less restless. Don’t know if this is scientifically proved.

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I’ve never noticed a difference myself. My doctor makes me take a Women’s multi vitamin due to lack of variety of food. Apparently cereal isn’t an essential food group.


I recently started to get zinc, which apparently helps cognitive functions, and magnesium + potassium, which helps with energy levels. Those, and b12 and omega3 are my go-to.
Still, they are little help, really. Better than nothing, though.