Questions to ask

I was diagnosed at the age of 41 with ADHD. I also have dyslexia. Now, I have been taking Adderall for some time now. It has been helping, but I know that I need CBT/DBT therapy. I need some advice on some questions to ask to make sure that they are good for ADHD. As luck would have it, I sent to a neuropsych to get diagnosed by chance. After doing some research, I found out that not a lot of doctors, medical or psych, who don’t know too much about ADHD. So any suggestions on what to ask?


I think it’s good to ask a provider’s familiarity with ADHD and ADHD in adults. Do they have experience treating it? Are they familiar with coaching? Can they give you examples of some of the ADHD behaviors or challenges they’ve seen clients share?

I believe in one of Dr. Ned Hallowell’s books - either “Driven to Distraction” or “Delivered from Distraction” - he gives a lists of questions to ask for potential therapists.

For me, I don’t do ADHD specific therapy so I don’t have the best advice. I would say that even if you do find an ADHD expert, it’s still important that you also fit with that person. Good luck!

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