Quick question

Hi brains, Is there a way to cope with ADHD without taking meds? A way to accept it? I am quite forgetful of meds -.-



Trial and error of different coping mechanisms and tools tbh.

I like to jump from one novelty to the next and go back again when it’s a novelty again. So if I use post its one week but then I stop looking at them, I’ll use phone reminders or PC reminders for the next week and then when that stops working I’ll use a giant to do list on my door and when that stops working I’ll go back to post its… etc.

It’s not perfect & it’s definitely hit and miss but that’s my main suggestion!


I’ll try doing that… I’ve been using an app called grow… It has an amazing seedling :seedling: that grows each time I do something… :sweat_smile: I find that sweet…