Rainy weather 👍

I prefer a rainy day to a sunny day. I prefer nighttime to daytime. I think it is because on a rainy day (or in my neighborhood, after dark) there are fewer people outside, less noise, less distractions, less things to trigger my startle response. Some of this is perhaps related to a chronic low level of depression, &/or to emotional dysregulation, &/or just being most comfortable with homeostasis! I think some of this is just the way my brain is wired. Not sure if this explains any of it, but I was born two months premature way back in 1946. I spent those first two months isolated in an incubator . . . and, at least for a while fed intravenously through a needle inserted in my lower leg . . . with that leg strapped to a board. 74 years later, I still have a callous on the heel of that foot from rubbing it on the board.

Anyone else here feel that way? Why do you think? Any other preemies out there?



I definitely prefer rainy weather and the dark. I grew up in tornado alley, and there’s a comfort and excitement in rain and dark skies. I feel more safe and confined, and it is also more recharging for my mood and sleep. I prefer the dark because I’m naturally a night owl, and I like the comfort and safety of dark. I feel like I can be more myself in the dark, and there’s less attention to me or my shortcomings. I don’t really tie the rain thing to ADHD, but I do think the night owl and lack of sleep during the night is tied to it.

I was born on time. Not early or late.


Way to go . . . :sunglasses:

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter!!


I like the rain other than the fact my garage floods.


For some reason, this makes me think about Asperger’s and autism (ASD).

People who are born prematurely are more likely to have ASD. (They are also more likely to have ADHD

My mom was diagnosed with depression at least a couple of times that I can recall. At those times, she was much more bothered by noise, crowds and bright lights than normal. (She’s an introvert, so I’m pretty sure that she’s not very comfortable in crowds in general.) - She also has a strong startle response all the time, even when she’s fast asleep.

As for me, rainy days dampen my enthusiasm. (And I’m not a fan of windy days, either.)

From my earliest memories (about 4-1/2 years old), I’ve always enjoyed warm sunshine more than I’ve disliked people-noise. I grew up in SoCal (from 6 years old until I was 30) in sprawling suburban areas, so all the people outside were spread apart well-enough that their noise didn’t bother me (except for the yahoos who would sometimes race down residential streets in their muscle cars).


ADHD :+1:


ASD, short for Autism Spectrum Disorder (a very broad spectrum which includes Asperger’s), seems to be getting diagnosed more and more frequently. (I’ve been trying to use the term ASD, since it seems to be getting used more and more, but I think I’ll just go back to using the terms Autism or Asperger’s.)

One research study that I found said that people born at or before 28 weeks gestation have two to three times the chance of having autism, compared to people born at full term. I believe other risk factors include: genetics (other family members with autism), low birth weight, and regular drug use by the person’s birth mother while pregnant.

I know a family who were foster parents, and they adopted a few of their foster kids. The youngest of their kids were each born drug-addicted, and I’m sure that I also learned that they were all low birth weight as well (and more likely than not, they each were probably also born prematurely).

  • Miraculously, they are all high-functioning autistic and have ADHD which is somewhat controlled by medication. They’ve had a loving family with never-give-up parents and grandma, who have gotten them every bit of therapy and extra help in school that they could fight for.

Can’t say i prefer rainy days. Or snowy ones for that matter. But i like cloudy ones most of the time. Best if with some occasional tears so i could remember that sun is still there :slight_smile:
I like sun, but climate here is rather continental, and not-so-cloudy day tends to be too cold in winter or too hot in summer. That’s extra expenses.


I like sunny weather. I like to see the snow fall, however. When it is hot and sunny, people can swim outside or go on the beach in a hot country !




Just for the record . . . I meant that I seriously doubt I have “ASD” . . . Just PURE ADHD!! :joy:


Well, Barry, I’ll admit that I got carried away by the little factoid I’d just picked up around the time I mentioned that.

Each of my kids were born about 6 weeks early (just a little preemie, only one of them with any complications because of it). None have any signs of ASD (though the study said that children at 2-3 months premature have higher prevalence of autism). So far, none of them have been diagnosed with ADHD, though they each have some of the traits, but to a lesser degree than me…and I was labelled “mild-to-moderate”.


I read this as: I like my disorders compartmentalised.
Not having a bar of this correlated comorbidity chaos.


I think I was born full term, evidence has it that I was born. My parents have admitted to strapping me to my cot for safety reasons (late sixties advice) - ah the wonders of the medical advice/procedures of the past.

No wonder I kept having recurring dreams of being strapped to my bed with strangely caring but curious voices hovering around me well into my thirties. Being married with kids of my own has seemed to make it go away.

I like both kinds of days and a small groups of people: I’m guessing if there are people with Agoraphobia people (fear of situations where there is too much to control) out there then the should be the opposite philiacs: lovers of situations where there is little control. I’m guessing I like sunshine, especially in the snow probably for the health giving benefits of the extra vitamin D . (gather round I’m gonna tell a story) I remember as a kid (<5yrs old) on sunny days you’d see sunbathers in winter on the local ski slopes. (ok it was just a sentence)

Stay awesome y’all.