Random discussion (originally) Adhd And Autism, I have a few questions

So I think I have ADHD and Autism and am going to go get tested for Autism by a psychologist soon for Autism and am going to ask to be tested for ADHD (also going to see if i can get a service dog). I was wondering how do the two things intertwine and what about symptoms that are opposites like ADHD liking sudden things and autism liking planned? and Autism liking repetitive well ADHD not? etc? is it like a battle of the opposite symptoms to see which one is more prominent?
Also on subject (at least enough on subject) do any of you have a service dog for ADHD and/or autism? what is it like? what task do they perform?
What comorbidities do you have? do you think some like depression and anxiety are caused by ADHD and/or autism?
has anyone been tested for ADHD and/or autism by a psychologist? what is it like?
Is this too off subject and is this the right place? if so sorry/ i think im supposed to say thank you which doesn’t make sense.


This is actually a brand new thing to me, too, and I’ve been looking into it. Apparently it’s totally possible to have both? At least, that’s what my sources have said… However, I don’t know how treatment works yet. I haven’t gotten my evaluation done, but I’m working on scheduling it.

These are actually really good questions! I wasn’t sure how to ask them myself, so thank you!


I received both, but not at the same time. ADHD when I was teenager and ASD in my twenties. I went to a course following each diagnosis and later compared the material we were given. Most of it described the exact same difficulties. The biggest difference was restlessness and attention deficiency in ADHD and a weaker theory of mind ability in ASD. Sensitivity, issues with energy regulation, hyper focus, selective interests, low flexibility etc. were topics in both courses.

I tick of enough boxes to have both ADHD and ASD but I really feel like I just have a bunch of cognitive disabilities in a neurodevelopment disorder category + some mental health issues which could both be cause and effect. In the social care system in my country I needed these “codes” to qualify for state funded support; especially the ASD one. I’m glad I decided to test for ASD even though it seemed incompatible with ADHD. Now I have more legitimacy for my contradicting traits and can get support for both.

Here’s a scientifical article that shines a light on the high prevalence of having both ADHD and ASD. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3441928/


It isnt really brand new to me I’ve been just curios about people’s experiences and this was the best place to ask (after I remembered it existed) .
I also havent gotten by evaluation done but one is scheduled and I’ll talk to the person about the other
Thank you and you’re welcome!

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Interesting, thank you your response was quite interesting and thank you for the article
What about symptoms of the others that are opposite do you experience some in ome situations and one in another or only one of them?

There is a lot of symptom overlap with the two, especially with inattentive type ADHD and most of the contradictory things aren’t as contradictory as they might seem, I think.

For example: Routine: For most on the spectrum, routine and predictability is a must, and being forced off that path can feel like being in a train wreck.

But consider: If you have ADHD and you’ve built up alot of coping mechanisms to help you remember things, then something comes and utterly messes up those mechanisms, it’s the same thing. Routines, habits and patterns are pretty common ways people with ADHD try and kludge together a system so that they can function. Keys are always in the same place so that you can find them. Set your alarm for a specific time so that you’ll know to do thing. Make repetitive tasks automatic so that you get them done. But if someone moves the place you always put your keys, turns off your alarms, or similar, suddenly, you can’t find your keys and you aren’t getting your stuff done and it can be a similar meltdown.

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Interesting so does that mean in general one of the disorders symptoms are learned to cope with and so the other takes over? I think it would probably vary more but is that what it would be like In general? For me I make certain schedules but they are usually broad but they make it so I can have a bit of chaos in between but if I’m overwhelmed I need a precise schedule.

I used to work in a special school specifically for children with autism, and like a third of all the autistic children also had diagnosed ADHD. It’s not just possible to have both, it’s common!

Generally, autism is a social disorder, whereas ADHD is an executive function disorder. So they kind of stay out of each others’ way and you can still use separate techniques to help each. However, difficulties in one may exacerbate symptoms of the other, for example, if an ADHDer loses track of time and is late for something, it can cause a lot of stress because the routine is disrupted and that can cause anxiety due to autism. Or, an ADHDer may be hyperactive, and due to autism not realise the social implications of bouncing off the walls and talking excessively, so might struggle more to make friends because they find it harder to fit in and mask ADHD symptoms, due to “mind blindness” caused by autism.


Yeah I suppose and that’s usually how it works for me.

Ooohhhh boy as someone with both ADHD and autism do I have a lot to tell you!
So you asked about the routine things and for me I need to have the things that I can’t control ( ex. going to school on the same days ) be exactly the same but when it comes to personal stuff then I basically have a checklist where everything gets done randomly within a specific time frame

As for repetitive things, I still have them but they switch out really fast. So if I’m rocking then I’ll start flapping or something does that make sense?

I have 1 other comorbidity, it’s a learning disability called dysgraphia but that’s it.

I have been tested by a psychologist kinda, but I don’t really remember/we didn’t finish the testing ( I went twice )

Also this if the perfect place to ask questions like that!!! Don’t worry about getting off topic because we’re all here to learn and this is a great conversation topic :grin:


I am the same with routine (except you explained it better then I’ve ever been capable of doing so thank you)
I’m similar except I usually will just start doing another one but sometimes I switch.
I also probably have disgraphia but I havent been tested.
Ok thank you for the answer and saying it’s the right place (:

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No problem!
Yeah dysgraphia can be really annoying sometimes but that’s what spell check is for!

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I have my Bailey registered as an emotional support animal and my therapist has written a letter stating this as well. Basically he is my comfort for when I’m out in public places and he serves to keep me calm. Also having a fuzzy puppy to rub and pet helps keep my ASD in check and fulfill some of my stimming cause I like the feel of soft things.


That’s so sweet! Do you know if you have to regeister support animals or just service animals?

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Just service animals need registered.


And I think you need recommendation from a therapist for a emotional support animal and I think a doctor or psychologist/psychiatrist (I’m not sure) to get a service animal. The doctor or psychologist/psychiatrist needs to make sure you qualify. At least that’s how I think it is here in America or maybe just California.

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I got my ASD diagnosis from my therapist who has been putting together all the details and gathering info for a few months now and lots of input from my wife on how I act and respond to social situations. I’m going to another new psychologist this Wednesday so I will let you know how that process goes for autism diagnosis. The original psych I went to had me go thru a 5 page questionnaire and diagnosed me as adhd combined type.


Ok I’m interested in how that goes, I’m being tested for autism in like 20 days and am excited. I may also ask to be tested for ADHD. I’m going to ask the same person if I qualify for a service dog.


I hope it all works out for you too. I had no idea that I would ever be diagnosed with ASD in my life. It hit me a little hard at first but with educating myself about it I have learned to become more accepting and comfortable with it.


I’ve always known I was different so suspecting ADHD and Autism weren’t that hard for me to fathom. Though it has taken a bit fot people to actually listen. The thing that’s been hard for me to accept is my DID but I’m the same with the more research the better I feel about it. (Or at least the less absolutely terrible i feel about it)