So I keep wanting to tell y’all stuff but it’s either
A. not big enough to deserve it’s own post or
B. I don’t want to hijack someone else’s thread and
C. Even if it did make sense in another thread I would never be able to figure out so…
I made a thread for random stuff! Have a story? Tell it! Want to infodump? Go ahead! Want to ask a question but eehhhhhh…social…interactions…are…evil…ask it!!! I apologize if someone had already done this but yah go crazy



I can’t random on demand that’s really funny to me, bahahahaha.



Ooh, I have something!

I had an amazingly good chat today with the psychiatrist who prescribes my meds, probably our last one as he is handing that job over to my gp soon, and among other things I just discovered that the non-stimulant drug I am interested in trying when it becomes available on health insurance in my country is actually something lots of people on here have mentioned!

I have been struggling to remember what it’s called and how to spell it (atomoxetine, I think), turns out the brand name is Stattera😂


And actually I have another random thing to say: is it OK if I say it’s nice to see Gaeliceyes and Harleykyn in here today? I have been in here less myself lately and had wondered if it was just me or if you were also busy doing other things.

And also:


What are some of the random things you were thinking of? I love random :grinning:


And I just realised we may have had this kind of thread before but this new one has a nicer name :wink:

The other one was perhaps too brutally honest about what I am doing…

Procrastinating :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Awwwwwww. Thx Lustforlife

Yeah, just busy. Or really, feeling like I’ve got a handle on things and not focusing on managing my adhd as closely, then things start spiralling and I have a crisis and I come back to talk about it and realize i have to get back to focusing on adhd management. ROFL

Also, “Biggest Little Farm” is the best movie I’ve seen this year and I totally want to be a farmer now. That is all.


Ok it’s not all. I too am procrastinating. And my favorite new tool is the Time Timer. It has an app but I like the physical timer better. It helps visual learners ( like those with ADHD) to more easily understand, visualize, and feel the passage of time. So we can give ourselves only 15 mins for something. Or we can use it to visualize that 5 mins isn’t as long as we think it is.

I bought this one for my son and it’s made mornings SOOOOO much easier.


I’m going to art camp, then helping out with VBS, so my thoughts kidna explode into a mushroom cloud of randomness at the end of the day :joy:
I recently finished drawing on an umbrella and ummmm I got non-permanent hair dye so now my head’s bright red and I’m thinking about changing it to coordinate with the days of the week and oh!!! I wrote my friend a letter despite my dysgraphia trying to murder me :grin: that’s my random thoughts rn


That timer looks awesome!!! I recently had a conversation about how I can’t read clocks…coincidence much??? :crazy_face:
What’s biggest little farm? And can if you become a farmer, what would you do?

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You would be surprised by how many people think that I CAN random on command :rofl: ( I can’t…)

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AWWWWWW. :heart:
Busy would be an understatement for me. :sweat_smile:
Mental health issues, medication issues, horrible work projects where I worked 12 hour days for 3 weeks in a row. Hoping to get the medication issues sorted out in the next 4-7 days though! :crossed_fingers:


Question of the day! :yum:
What painting/art style describes you best?

Ohh I’m sorry, good luck figuring it out :blush:

My classmates at secondary school thought that about me too, and it was not true either. I wonder if it’s another indicator of adhd…

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Better leave that to the experts and statistical analysis.:wink:

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Harley that sounds so stressful! Plus the big life changes you have approaching too. I hope work eases for you soon. Don’t burn yourself out and remember to take time for self-care, even if others don’t like it.

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Surealist, cubist, and impressionist

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and speaking of art, my 4 yo wants to decorate his plain white undies. I think because they used to tie-dye plain white shirts in his class, he now thinks any plain white clothing needs to be decorated. I told him I’d buy fabric pens, cause why not!?!?


That sounds like so much fun!!! Our family did tie dye one summer and all of my dad’s underwear was rainbow :joy:


Question of the day!
If you could jump into any painting, what would it be and why?