REALLY struggling to get diagnosed. Almost giving up.


Should it be this hard? It would be great to hear that I’m not just doing something more wrong.
I started out my mental health journey looking in to anxiety & depression but now that I can cope with that I’m trying to get a full diagnosis as I suspect some visual issues too… It’s been a long road & no one else I know can truly relate from experience. Struggling at work/internship & school but I’m not sure if disclosing is a good idea. Falling apart. I do well enough in school but I know that my knowledge isn’t getting translated most of the time… it’s getting harder to advocate for myself after so much rejection. thanks for any thoughts & insight. first time really expressing this to get external feedback from ppl who might relate.



Keep your chin up mate dont give up others are in hear who can help aswell as me :+1:






Thats okay hope your feeling a bit better today :grin:

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I was lucky enough to only need to go to 2 doctors before I got my diagnosis. The first doctor I went to said that if I wasn’t diagnosed as a child, it was extremely unlikely that I had ADHD. That guy was trash.

It may sound weird, but it’s been shown that if you go to a female healthcare professional you’re more likely to get better care. Also, nurse practitioners tend to be better than doctors in my and my partner’s experience.

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Yeah a little. Trying meds etc. with my GP while waiting but I need to go up soon I think, cause need caffeine with it still to study. That’s probably a bad sign lol… thanks for the support :slight_smile:



Wherre are you in the US ? Im Andy by the way whats your first name ?
Ive only just got upneed mega caffine ohh yeah :rofl:



Hey, you might have a point & thanks for ur reply. For me it looks like an age difference too. I was seeing an older male Dr. from childhood who’s been v. paternalistic so I wasn’t comfortable asking for a literal ADHD referral. & I went to another old school psychiatrist who dismissed me with “a pill won’t solve all your problems”, his literal words after trying Wellbutrin… But then I’ve seen a male psych nurse & we’re working on things. Meanwhile, I also switched to a new Dr. & he’s pretty young but he’s the first one to actually listen off the bat to my main issue & actually surprised me so trying his treatment path… other than the female psychologists I’ve seen in the last few years listened but those we’ve focused on anxiety at the time… It’s been about year now since I first started trying to get a diagnosis so many plot twists.



Im going into discord if you want to come in and say hi



“A pill won’t solve your problems”

How hypocritical is that? Prescribing pills to solve problems is half a doctor’s job description!

There’s something seriously wrong with the medical profession. Who am I kidding? There are many many things wrong with the medical profession.



Yeah it’s not easy

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Don’t give up. I know that’s easier said than done. I’m on this road too. I have suspected that I have ADHD for about 10yrs. I have been talking to doc’s and until recently I have had no help. I can’t tell you how many times I have left doctors offices feeling embarrassed and ashamed. I have all these struggles and no answers. All I want is to be tested. I’m not into self diagnosing and I could be wrong (even though I have a feeling I’m not.)… Anyway a few weeks ago I got some really good advise from this forum and after looking into a few things and contacting the correct people I am set to be tested in April. I have no idea where this is going to lead. All I know is I will finally get an answer to a question I have been asking for 10yrs.

So I don’t know how the medical system works where you live but, I did a search for psychologists in my area who specialize in ADHD. I called there office and I got a response right away. I wrote about it a while back. I believe it is under the community thread. If your interested. So if you can’t get anywhere with the one your seeing try finding some one who specializes in ADHD. I hope this helps.



I was lucky that my doctor was a pretty young guy, around my age, I think (early 30’s), and he had done his internship or something in the US and Australia helping underprivileged teens and young adults, so he knew young people can have problems too, and often undiagnosed. And since he’s quite young, he doesn’t have the stigma against ADHD medication that many older psychologists have. He was still not convinced, despite me being diagnosed with Tourette’s+ as a kid, and I had to write a letter to him with all the things I forgot to tell him during our sessions and he finally gave me a tentative diagnosis just to see if medication might help. It did, so next time I see him (or maybe I’ll write a letter), I’ll let him know that it helped.

It can be a struggle to get there, but it’s worth it to find a therapist you ‘click’ with, and it makes the process so much easier. Seriously, sounds like the old geezers you’ve seen so far are no good. Especially the patronizing attitude they’ve had toward ADHD and medication… Hang in there, hopefully you’ll find the right therapist for you, so you can get the help you need…!:blush::+1:



Thanks so much! I can relate. I’ve been told to look into it years ago but I kind of denied it for a long time. I’ll try to find your post

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This is the thread eas_524 was talking about:
Looking for Adults who where diagnosed later in life or are in the process of getting help

You may or may not have a Psychology Today equivalent in Canada, I haven’t looked into what services are available in Canada.

If nothing else, I hope this gets things rolling in the right direction for you.

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It’s good to hear relatable experiences! I’m going to try my best to be patient. I’ve been passing as normal for so long all ready lol
Thnx for the link



I still have coffee. The first thing I do when I walk in the door at work is pour a coffee, even on the meds. I find it fills in around the rough edges. Remember, the meds work differently on us. They aren’t designed to wake us up, as they do with neurotypical people, they are for ADHD.

I do find that I pop one first thing in the morning, and I am much more alert and awake than I would be otherwise, but I still get drowsy during the day, and hit the coffees as hard as I normally would.

If I doubled my dose, I’m sure I’d be bouncing. But that’s not what I want, and I use coffee as the stimulant, dexy as the medicine.

Also, I often take 1/2 a tab if I can’t get to sleep at night. If I can’t stop thinking, and it keeps me up. Then I’m usually lights out once it kicks in.

Try giving a dexy to a neurotypical person before bed, and see what happens. :smile:

I concur.

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Hey Smoj thanks for the encouragement. I have some things to figure out w/ my new Dr. I guess. Hopefully I get somewhere stable soon.



Let us know how it goes.:blush:



I will when I have something new thanks :slight_smile:

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