Reasonable School Accommodations?

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I’m looking for Advice and Suggestions from this wonderful, supportive, loving community.

So, I’m currently in college and STRUGGLING. I was just officially diagnosed with ADHD last year, so now I am registered with my school’s Disability Services office. They advised me to ask for accommodations, but they won’t give me any suggestions for possible options. Every person and situation is different, yes, but the problem is that I don’t know how to ask for help. It was a huge breakthrough for me to finally go to a doctor and seek help 2 years ago after struggling basically my entire life alone. I still have extreme difficulty talking about myself or my problems, and I have no idea what is considered “reasonable” to ask for. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a problem if I didn’t also have severe social anxiety. At my current stage, it’s impossible for me to bring up a possible idea because I have no frame of reference for what would be reasonable and the possibility of judgement and/or rejection (in my mind) is just way too great.

I would love to hear from others about their experiences in school and what accommodations they’ve had (whether they worked or not). Right now I have a peer notetaker. It has helped me very minimally to be honest, but knowing what accommodations have been approved for other ADHDers would help me so much!

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Hey Jinx, I kinda lucked out and the psychologist I was diagnosed by wrote down recommended academic accommodations. I won’t go into all of those, but I’ll copy/paste most of my letter of accommodations I got through my school in the hopes it helps you with ideas! This was something my school’s accessibility coordinator wrote based off of my psychologist’s recommendations and sends to my instructors. At the beginning of each semester I talk with each of them about it and then email or talk to them in person whenever I need to utilize it.

Of the accommodations below, by far the most useful on is having flexibility with deadlines. I’ve had to use that a couple of times and it has saved me so much anxiety and lost grade points.

The purpose of this letter is to advise you that the Student Accessibility Coordinator (SAC) has appropriate documentation on file for, and is working with:

Name: ___________

In order for ____ to provide equal access to educational opportunities, accommodations appropriate for this student are indicated below. This student may need your help in implementing some of these accommodations in order to meet requirements of this class.

Priority Registration

Faculty, please provide the following accommodations

  • Assignments in written form (course Moodle) – in advance if possible to assist with planning
  • May ask for clarification with multiple-step assignments; broken down step-by-step
  • Time and a half for all tests and quizzes – proctored through the LRC
  • Tests and evaluated in-class writing taken in a quiet, distraction reduced environment
  • During work times, please allow use of earbuds, as safety allows
  • Some flexibility with assignment deadlines, to be coordinated with Faculty and SAC
  • May need to step out of class for 5-10 minutes if symptoms flare up

It is the student’s responsibility

  • Discuss learning needs with instructors and activate accommodations in a timely manner
  • Request extensions prior to deadline


I strongly recommend checking in with a Learning Resource Specialist as needed.

Students are expected to provide notice of their accommodations, in the form of this letter, at the beginning of the semester, or at a reasonable time prior to when they would like their accommodations to take effect. While students may decide not to disclose the nature of their disability to you, it is important and appropriate for them to discuss their challenges and the ways in which they learn best. Accommodations should not conflict with course learning outcomes. Information contained in this letter is confidential and not to be shared with anyone without the express consent of the student.

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Thank you so much! I never even thought deadline flexibilty could be an option. It would help me SO MUCH. Often I get so frustrated because I know if I had even just a day or 2 more to work on something it would be so much better quality and more accurately demonstrate my potential, and I blame myself because I could have finished things in the time given if I would just focus

At my uni, the disabilities services people have given me a few things! First of all, they’ve organised for someone to meet with me once a week to make sure I am staying on track with all my assignments and tests, which I find is one of the most helpful things. I also do my exams in a small room with an extra 30 minutes per hour, and 10 minutes per hour to stand up and walk around/rest, if I need it. I have flexibility with my assignment deadlines, so if I can’t get something done my the due date, I have a letter I can give the professors so I’m not penalised. We also have a disability room in the library that is quiet, it can be booked by blind people as it has a computer and brialle reading machine but it’s also for people with ADHD of ASD who can’t work as well in loud places. So I can book it for blocks of 3 hours to study on my own, I’m not sure if your uni has a room like that, but they should do. Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you! We have so many libraries on my campus there’s bound to be at least one like that, so I’ll ask my coordinator about it :slight_smile:

Good luck! :smiley: I’m sure they will have something for you :slight_smile:

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