Recently diagnosed - struggling with Concerta XL meds could do with a little advice.



Hi, ok so was diagnosed in November with severe combined type ADHD.
My doctor started me on Concerta at 18mg per day. I have high blood pressure so I have to monitor this every day and as far as my BP goes it’s been ok.
After 3 weeks he asked if I had noticed any difference, saying I would pretty much know right away if they were working. I had a few mild side affects, sleep mainly but as I am already a really bad sleeper this did not cause any problems.
As I had not noticed any difference in my every day things, it was put up to 36mg a day.
Again I tried for two weeks, not noticing any difference, BP still ok (for me) but no difference in forgetfulness, concentration, emotions, basically still not getting anything done etc. I had one amazingly wide awake 40 hour stint, but since managed to get better sleep than normal.

So yesterday it was put up to 52mg.
I took the 52mg this morning, a few hours later I start to feel kind of “high” for want of a better word. Bp is still good, no palpitations etc.
I’ve got absolutely nothing done I wanted to, a lot worse than normal. I have not gone to a meeting this evening I wanted to as I feel way more apprehensive than normal. I still feel (10 hrs now) woolly, “high” like very slightly drunk, but able to write and concentrate on things I don’t need to concentrate on and a little more tired than normal… ugh i hope this makes sense, I’ve only ever been drunk rarely, never dabbled with drugs so sorry if my description does not make sense lol. It feels like “high” but not a nice “high” it’s very weird lol.

Is this, for who have been on this drug, normal, is this just something I would get used to?
As in a side affect that will dissipate? My BP is spot on for me and I have no other side affects.
I will call my doctor tomorrow, but just looking for some answers really.
If it’s something others have experienced and goes away after a day or so I would feel a lot better keeping going with it.

Thanks, soz for the long post!


I am not a doctor but recently have gonebthrough the medication process. For me it took a few days for side effects to appear and then a few more days for them to subside. But if you are concerned give your doctor a call and get some medical advice


Started on Ritalin LA, but for legal reasons (Japan) have to get on Concerta, am currently on 36, want to move to 54 next week because I also don’t feel any effect. But since I have Ritalin experience, I’ll compare the experiences ajd let you know once I’ve switched to 54. But yeah, ask your doctor, see what he says. It could just be a temporary thing, but better to let him know you’re feeling fuzzy.


Thanks for the replies, Called the doc today so waiting on a call now.
Had a really bad night, no sleep and feel like I have a hangover today so decided not to have any more until I’ve had a chat with the doc. I’m surprised that a extra 12mg had such a impact. Oh the joys lol.


I’ve been on concerta 54 for a long time. The side effects you have are similar to mine, that “high” feeling happens to be once in a while, what usually happens is I have a very slow reaction time to anything, i get dizzy, like my ears are filled with fluid and it takes more effort to stay balanced, and I definitely cannot focus when i fell that strange “high.” it usually happens if I forget to take my meds for a few days and go back to taking them, like if i forget on the weekends. Luckily they only happen once in a while if i forget for a long period of time.

But calling your doctor is a good idea, I was able to try different medicines until i found one that worked. Hopefully you can too!