Recovering my self esteem

A life time of hearing how lazy and flakey and flighty I am, and the fact my executive function is BROKEN makes me feel like I can’t self start or maintain my ideas.

There is very little support in my city for adults. So why not start a GROUP? Why?

Because I can’t think of how or where or who or what to do. I want to do it but have no confidence I won’t absolutely make it the worst group ever. I’d forget to show up, or forget to line up care of my kids… or be boring or weird…



That’s why this is an online forum. No one has to meet at a certain time, have social anxiety, anxiety over not showing up or on time…

Just do what you can and enjoy interacting with the community


I’ve been thinking about starting a group in my area because there doesn’t seem to be anything. But I’m just as flaky as the people before me who haven’t started any groups.
It’s on the list, but not a priority right now.
It’s a very long list.

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I went to a couple of training/info sessions at college for adhd, organised by college, not by one of our tribe, and it was amazing! The tips were good, but the best bit was meeting people in my tribe, which I only found out this year I had :smiley:

This forum is ace, but real life is also fab. But i get why we might not be the best people fo organise a longterm thing. Maybe a one-off event? And maybe you could tell people to bring their diaries to organise the next one in 2 or 3 months? And get people to volunteer to advertise the date in places they have access to?


I would be interested in something like this too; that’s the bad thing about online forums. We all live in different places and don’t get human interaction.

Luckily I’m surrounded by adults and kids with ADHD and other mental disorders

Rereads sentence, yep I’ll go with that


It seems to me you have a two fold problem. 1 your self-esteem. 2 starting and maintaining this group. Both are important to address and both are very adhd problems. I know there are ways for u to pull off this group idea because it has been done before by other adhders. But the real challenge is your self esteem. Now I get it believe me I do I can’t tell u how many times I have stopped myself from doing something because I didn’t believe in myself. So I am not judging u. You need to improve ur self-esteem for u and to complete ur goal. Look up this old book called the self-trap by William b.swan, jr. it’s good. Also just spend a day first drawing and writing what u feel then move on to researching self- esteem. It’s good to know first what u think and feel before u let out side influences in.


Self-esteem is a chronic issue for me, and one I rarely talk about openly or spend any time addressing. My therapist recommended a book that I’m looking forward to reading. I thought I’d share:

“Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem” by Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D.