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I have been asking a lot of questions on here, I’m sorry it it gets annoying, but I don’t know how to respond to today,
I entered in a design competition that was required for my class, I know I didn’t win because my work isn’t as strong as my classmates.

The winner will be announced tonight and the main judge is giving us two speeches, one (that i just came back from) and another in an hour to announce the winner and critique everyone’s design. I asked him a few questions afterwards and I introduced myself.

Surprisingly he recognized me and he said that we would talk about my submission a lot. specifically the good and the bad. I get that that’s just normal criticism.

I don’t know how to react to his words though, I’m very nervous about the bad things in my design. I know there are some things that are bad, but I didn’t have time to fix them before submitting. I just don’t want everyone to think I’m a terrible architect because I messed up on some things.

I am probably just overthinking the situation but could I get some sort of happy motivational quotes of something to make myself feel less anxious about tonight?

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Just use it as a learning experience and a step in becoming an even better architect than you were yesterday.
Just think you already know more about architecture than most people, the majority of the people in this world wouldn’t even know where to begin, and that’s something to be proud of.
I think most people including myself don’t like criticism, but using it as a tool to improve rather than just beating yourself up is what’s important.



I think it’s unlikely to be as bad as you fear it will be, but even then, you already know some of the bad things, and expect that they’ll be pointed out. You know those were sub par, and that’s OK. You know how to fix that, you just didn’t have time. And the IMPORTANT points are the ones you didn’t catch, where you’ll be getting some interesting feedback, and you’ll be learning a LOT more than the ones who get the ‘it was fine, but this, this, and this should have been a bit different/tied together, etc.’ standard answer. And hopefully he’ll also think some things were really interesting too!:grin:



Something to think about, could it be that the worst part is the unknown? Having to wait for what he’s going to say? You know there’s bad parts, but how bad are they really? Was it horrible or was it just something that could have been done better? I tend to hear criticism, constructive or not, as tearing me down. So when something says, “we’ll talk about it later” I imagine every horrible thing until I get in the meeting and it actually wasn’t so bad.

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What I’ve found that that sort of response means is that you did something unique or that caught the judge’s eye. You made something that’s a good example, and something that can be used for learning from. For someone who teaches or give critiques, that’s a good thing!

Also, you’re in classes. You’re learning. This is the place you want to make all the mistakes because you’re testing out the waters as you discover how all this stuff works. You’re an architect in training so throw all of that judgement crap out the window and just focus on learning.

(And remember, no architect works in a void. There’s gonna be multiple layers of people who will be looking over your stuff and editing it based on their own knowledge, preferences and budgets once you get out into the architecture world. What you will be presenting professionally will be seen as rough draft for the project manager, owner, contractors and likely a wad of other stakeholders to make demands of adjustments to. So seriously. Don’t worry about it. )

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Let us know how it went when you have time!:blush:



How did things turn out?



Hi again! Things went pretty well! I wanted to post sooner, but I had 3 other finals this week to study for. His criticism was mostly positive with everyone, including mine. He liked the diagrams and the different shape, even if it wasn’t my best work, no where near close to my best work. He liked that I was pretty bold with colors and images, so… I guess that is good! I didn’t win the competition, but still, he really liked it!

Thank you for the support, I guess I was just overthinking the situation! <3



Great job! And congratulations!:clap::grin::+1: